Brotherly Love

A Gift From My Brother

My brother and sister-in-law were out Christmas Shopping this year and Dema decided that I would love this ring she picked out.  Billy was less than enthusiastic about it.  He doesn’t often see me dress like a girl with makeup and jewelry.  Most often he sees me dressed in gym clothes or logo wear for work or I am coming over and plan on wrestling with the kids, so I don’t dress up.

Apparently, after complying with his very smart wife, who knows a girly girl lives in me, they were laying in bed one night and he mentioned to his wife how proud he was of me.  He doesn’t tell me these things though, at least not very often .  He told her what he would love to give me as a gift and a reward for my hard work.

So this is my gift and my incentive to work hard this next year. If I just keep working, I get 50 bucks.  If I meet goal, I get 200 bucks.   This isn’t even about the money though for me.  The greatest gift is hearing words I don’t often hear from the brother I admire alot.

I love this gift because it is clearly from my brother.  He wrote the note, he sealed the card.  Dema never even saw what was written until I opened it.

That is worth working for.


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