By The Way…

I cannot believe I have not written about this yet…but I think I finally hit a wall of exhaustion this week as I do believe I have been battling a cold…or fighting the coming on of one…so while I wanted to write more this week…I had no energy to form coherent thoughts.


I had a weigh in again with Demond…and I’m a loser again.

Down another 1.5 lbs.

Still not hitting goal, but I am encouraged by consistent weight loss.

With that said, the first 2 days of the week had super icy road conditions and by the time I got home from work I was just too stressed from my drive home to go back out in the mess to the gym…

Wednesday I had a brief workout with Demond and then a 2nd workout with his wife in the evening.

Thursday I missed again and Friday I had boot camp with Demond at which I did not die.  In fact, I hung in pretty well with some pretty in shape people!

Saturday, today, I felt awful most of the day, so I just rested a lot.

I am really hoping tomorrow I feel much better. I am hoping to feel well enough for a trail run and then to get back to my 2 a days on Monday.


6 thoughts on “By The Way…

  1. Roads are super icy here too! I am not looking forward to walking to the gym later on. Hope you feel better soon. Betty x

  2. Everyday is a new day and you are constantly kicking those bad calories in the fourth point of contact so trust me, you will do great! We are in this together every step of the way so your negative is my negative and when we multiply them we end up with a positive!

    Luv ya

  3. You are doing so great, Kim! One thought for you – why not pack a gym bag and go straight to the gym on your way home from work? For me, once I’m in the door at home, that is the death knell to any gym plans! I just want to hunker down with my hubs, have dinner, and relax. So if I need to get an evening workout in, I do it on my way home!

    Hope you feel better & keep up the great work!

  4. Usually I do carry my gym bag with me…cuz that really is best for me….cuz you ar eright…once I get in the house…it is hard to go back out…I am getting better at that though. Sigh..all a work in progress.

  5. So you said, “In fact, I hung in pretty well with some pretty in shape people!”

    I just wanna say – Kim, YOU are one of the in shape people!


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