You Are Not Allowed…

This morning was a workout with Demond. I was pretty excited.  (I would love to win the lottery so I could afford to pay him for 3x a week workouts!  Someone, buy me a ticket!)

Demond came out to me on this frigid Michigan morning for this workout.  I soon learned that today was going to be about pushing my limits.

He started me out on the treadmill at 3.7 mph.  Seriously, one more nudge up and I would have been able to break into an easy run stride, except he then increased the incline.  Over 20 minutes, he kept me at that speed and increased the inclines every 2 minutes.  No problem.  I have done these before.  Except not at this speed and he has never taken me past an incline of 12.  Today, he took me to 15.  At 14, he told me I would be going back down, but then he increased it again.  So when the 2 minutes of 15 was done, I hit the decrease button before he could increase it again on me.  I could barely stay on the machine.

Once he got me off that, we headed to the weight room.  As we were leaving, some guy tells me “Great job!”  Some other guys says, “Did you see him trying to kill her?”

Umm yeah….so how come you didn’t have my back?

We got to the weight room, where I discovered that I have been doing my weight circuit wrong!  I have been using 10 lb dumb bells for just about everything and couldn’t figure out why it was so hard and why I could do it when Demond was there but not when he wasn’t!  I thought I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough!  HA!!  Should have been using 5 lbs!

Here too though, he increased weights and who knows what else, since I have been doing it wrong…and it was just as difficult.

After that we headed back for more cardio.  He tells me, all I have to give him is 5 easy minutes.  That’s it.  5 Minutes.

Umm yeah.  5 minutes of what??  If it is not a duration thing, then it has gotta be hella intense if it is only 5 minutes.

He leads me to the stairway to heaven.  I know I am in trouble if he only wants 5 minutes here, because he has previously had me doing 10 minutes!

He gets it started and immediately pushes it to level 3.  ummm, I don’t think I have ever done 5 straight minutes of level 3.  I am so nervous now.  I am in for it.  At about 2 minutes, he pushes it up to level 4.

My breathing was out of whack, it was hella hard and my legs were shaking.  I told him I couldn’t keep up this pace.  He told me I could.  I shook my head no!  I can’t!

We went back and forth.  I tried to lower the speed and he increased it.  I tried to cover the buttons so he couldn’t, but he did it anyway.

I started panicking.  I really felt like I was gonna fall off or pass out…or something.  Demond of course was paying attention and was trying in his calm, southern voice to calm me down.  He kept telling me to get a rhythm with my breathing…to slow it down.  He repeatedly told me I could do this and to just keep going.  I didn’t believe him.

Now there have been times while working out with him(and even with Jess and Kelly), that I have had to push through some stuff that I didn’t think I could do.  It was hard and I wanted to stop machines or take breaks but I didn’t.  I tried so hard to keep going and to calm down, but my panic out did me and without thinking, I reached up and hit STOP!

Now, have you ever done something as a kid or a teenager that soooo either angered your parents or so severely disappointed them that when they spoke it was in a chillingly calm voice.  That voice, that when you heard it, you KNEW you messed up, and you just WISHED they would scream, or yell, or even spank you?

THAT was the voice I got from Demond in the seconds that followed.

In THAT voice, I was told that I am NOT allowed to ever stop the machine, no matter what. If necessary, he would lower the speed, but HE decides that, not me.

He then started it again and I finished out my last 40 seconds at a ridiculously fast pace.   While I was doing it though, he said I was going until 5:30, but I think he must have forgotten that he set the timer for only 5 minutes, because at 5 it stopped and I just looked at him, unsure whether I could get down or not and not DARING to do so until he told me to!

He let me off…then we took a walk over to the mats where he graciously stretched me out.

Thank God for that!!!

….and yes, even after THAT, I wish I could afford to pay him for 3x a week workouts because man…it is this kind of stuff that is producing results finally…


NOTE: I do not know if he was angry or disappointed, that is just the tone of voice I heard and what it reminded me of.  You do not dare to cross that voice….ever!


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