Who’s A Loser?

Long time readers know the struggle of the past year and a half.  You have read and shared in so much of my frustration and struggle.  Many of you have commented incredibly encouraging things or taken time to email me to remind me to keep going no matter what the scale says.

This week was a rough week, as you know.  I struggled with eating, I struggled with stress about the weigh in and with work, I struggled with the 2 a days.  It was a battle of epic proportions.  It wasn’t until halfway through the week that I realized that much of the battle was more spiritual than anything else.  I don’t quite get why my weight or weight loss matters to the slimy one, but for whatever reason, he seems to want me to take me out.  Well, once I started battling on THAT front, things got better.  I still struggled, but it was far more manageable than the early part of the week.

Friday night, I got to celebrate Kyra’s birthday in a healthy manner and Saturday morning, there was a planned workout with Demond, which will be a separate post.  I was a little nervous, but I just kept singing songs in my head that spoke of peace and grace, and tossed thoughts of the weigh in out of my head.

Saturday morning came and of course I had a little more nerves. I mean seriously.  Who wouldn’t be?  I just kept reminding myself that I did the work, not perfectly, but I was faithful and diligent.  I didn’t quit.  I just kept going again. So I showed up at the gym, and I learned about Demond time.

Demond time, is much like Kim time…about a half hour later than stated 🙂

But I was nervous and I wasn’t sure if I were to workout a little bit while waiting would affect the scale so I did nothing.  Until he called anyway, and told me to jump on a machine and get warmed up.

Of all days to learn about Demond time, the one day I am anxious to get started 🙂  But what can a guy do, when Uncle Sam duties call and run over time?

Well, once he got there, he said we would do the weigh in after our workout.

Sigh…ok. As long as the workout won’t make my weight reflect higher….

In the end, after an amazing workout, we met up with the scale.

He gave me the results and in my recollection I just looked at him as he said it was good.

Good?  As in I lost weight?  I hit the goal?

“It’s good”, he said.  You lost weight.


While I didn’t hit the goal of 2.5 lbs, I did lose 1.8 and I am good with that.

So good with that.  I am a loser again!!!

I wonder what it could have been if I didn’t have so much stress this week or if I didn’t get taken out so repeatedly this week…

I will never know.  What I do know, is I am re-energized.  Something is happening and I will do what it takes to keep it going…so whatever Demond says, is it.

If you are in the SE Michigan area and need an amazing trainer or want an amazing trainer, you gotta go with A2Fitness Pro’s (link on my Other Inspirations blogroll).  Demond can help make it happen.  Not to mention, he really is fun to workout with!



5 thoughts on “Who’s A Loser?

  1. Kim, I am going to let you beat up on me more often if this is the love that I am going to get! Seriously, great job with the weign in as I knew it would be and great job with you being you! Continue to bless the world with your beauty inside and out!

    • Yeah….thanks for letting me THINK I was actually taking you for a hot second there…made me feel kinda powerful! hehehe

      Just added your website to my sidebar….I thought it was there….but apparently not! Oops!

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