Get Behind Me!

Nothing and I mean Nothing pisses me off more than getting hosed…or rather…allowing myself to be hosed by that no good, two timing, lying, scheming, devil!

Yesterday, I was rather proud of myself.  I passed on Costco Double chocolate muffins and then did not succumb to the wonderful aromas of KFC wafting over me as I left work and I passed on whatever fried goodness my mom was making when I came home last night.  Good day as far as eating goes or rather not eating 🙂

Today, was a rough day at work.  Without going into to many details, my supervisor essentially threatened me with my job because my year to date sales are at 94% which does not meet expectations.  Mind you 95% does, and I have a month left to make up a 1% difference.  Regardless, I was pissed off.  Angry.  Fuming.

Yes.  I know.  I am not meeting expectations.  I got my part in this situation, but really it was her way of going about it that really got to me.

Anyway, I headed off to lunch with a plan of Moroccan Chickpea Chili and a run to the grocery store so I wouldn’t have to do that after work.  Well, I ended up venting to a girl who was on lunch with me and understands my frustrations (she is leaving the company because of similar stuff) and I was too ticked to eat my chili.  Mind you, the bosses brought in Mac n cheese and lasagna from Buddy’s pizza, which I managed to pass on.  Ok, I had a bite of each.   With about 10 minutes left to spare in my lunch hour, I had eaten 3 bites of chili, 1 of mac n cheese and 1 of lasagna.  I saw donuts on the counter from that member who loves us and I got up and grabbed one.  It was half gone before “that girl” noticed what I was doing and demanded I put it down.

Whatever, she ain’t my food police!

She took a picture and blackmailed me.  Either I could give up Demond’s number or the photo goes on FB for ALL my friends to see!  I chose Demond. And I chose to finish the donut regardless.

Is A donut on occasion that big a deal?  No, it’s not.  Not in the grand scheme of things, not in the big picture. What disappoints me most about today is that I let a situation get me all worked up and I lost perspective and went for comfort.   I got caught up in the situation and failed to recognize that just cuz my battle was won yesterday, doesn’t mean the slimy one is gonna give up!  But really, aren’t there more powerful people out there that he could be going after?  I mean really, I just wanna eat healthy, lose some weight and live life.  It’s not like I am some preacher or anything bringing 1000’s of souls to the Kingdom or anything like that!

Anyway, I am disappointed in how I handled things today.  I have 100’s of more days to battle so I am not gonna beat myself up to bad, but I am as always gonna take stock of what happened and why and hopefully I won’t be caught like this again.

But really that slimy one needs to just get behind me….


On a workout note,  I didn’t workout tonight.  I had to grocery shop then prepare a meal item for my house church group tomorrow night.  Didn’t get done with all that until 8:30…so I decided to bag it and work at being in bed on time.  15 minutes late as of right now…but I am in bed and ready to shut down the lights in a minute.


4 thoughts on “Get Behind Me!

  1. You know, I am more and more convinced every day that the battle isn’t one on the easy-to-be-good days, but on the really really hard days. The struggle is where victory is born. I don’t know if that is at all comforting, but you know we are both wrestling with our own demons right now. And instead of being brought down by it, I am choosing to take hope from it. Because in MY past, this kind of struggle would have caused me to throw up my hands, give up, and leap onto the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. And today? It is just another day in the rest of my life, and I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    So do you, friend. And that is part of the victory.

    Hang in there!

  2. RE: “aren’t there more powerful people…”
    You clearly don’t have any impact in bringing truth and light into the kingdom. I don’t understand at all why YOU might be a threat to mister slimy (note the dripping sarcasm). Own the fact that you are a sharp skewer in the eye of darkness dear friend, don’t minimize it!

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