It’s Coming…

Today I got up and went to the gym in the morning and did the strength piece of my workout.  It only took about 30 minutes, but that is ok.

This evening, I was NOT feeling like going to the gym for at least an hour of cardio.  But here is what I know.  My trail run yesterday didn’t happen and I know at least 2 days this week there will not be a 2nd workout…and I know my first official weigh in with Demond is coming up on Saturday. SO when I arrived at the gym, I sat in the parking lot texting Demond and Coach and basically procrastinating my entrance.  Then I actually laid my seat back and took a 30 minute power nap thinking that would help.

It actually did!  I was kinda surprised.  Usually short naps make me crabby, but apparently I got just enough and it was what I needed to be able to power my way through an hour of cardio that included the stairway to heaven, walking incline intervals, the Octane and bike intervals.

For the day, I burned 800 calories.  Kinda of disappointing until I realized, I didn’t do 2 cardio workouts today.  If I had included at least 20 minutes of cardio this morning, I would  have surely hit 1000+ easily.  Lesson learned.

I have to admit, I am kind of nervous for the weigh in.  I have been working hard to do what Demond says to do and to not slack or cheat or anything.  I know I am not perfect and there is no way to do this all perfectly, but I am doing my best.  There is still a part of me that kind of expects a no loss week again.  I mean, it has been my pattern for over a year and a half.  Yet there is a part of me that is really hoping that this change, having Demond working with me is the THING that is gonna change that pattern.  I know I am hoping alot, because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be so nervous.  If I wasn’t hoping then I wouldn’t be battling ways to sabotage myself so that there would at least be a justifiable reason for poor or mediocre results.

I don’t plan on sabotaging myself, I just know the thoughts are there.  Yesterday, I battled all day with wanting fast food.  In fact that is part of why I didn’t get my run in.  I got to the state park only to find all the bathrooms locked so I couldn’t change and the only places nearby to change were fast food joints and I wasn’t about to walk  into one of those places in the state of craving I was in and to go anywhere else, meant not enough time.

I have noticed the last 2 days being really low on calories.  Not intentionally so, it just happened.  Partly because I didn’t plan well and partly I think out of nerves.

I think once I get through this weigh in and I see results, the extreme nerves will start to lessen.  But for now, Demond’s assistant, Christina, says I just need to calm down!!

Working on that…for reals.


3 thoughts on “It’s Coming…

  1. Remember our initial talk ma’am… We are literally watching change take place everyday hence your heartrate coming in at lower levels. Every weigh in is a great weigh in because you woke up and was able to step onto the scale. The Lord sends us blessings everyday in many different ways, he put us together! Stressing about your weigh in will only slow your weight loss… Say no to cortisol, stop worrying about things that don’t need worry. Remember, you are beautiful Kimberly!

    • I will work on that Demond….I DO remember our initial conversation…head knowledge doesn’t always defeat matters of the heart tho…..but I will work on it…

  2. Oh girl, how I hear you. It’s hard when your body isn’t doing what it “should” based on everything we know. So then you stress. Which, of course, makes health and weight loss even HARDER! Which you also know, but darn it if you can’t just flip off the stress “switch!” Ack!

    Keep doing what you know is good and healthy and true and the rest WILL follow. Whether it’s this week or next isn’t really the issue.


    But I am SO with you in that I would LOVE to see a loss for you this week, too!!!

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