Sweet Relief!

Today, I got into work and discovered an email from Demond indicating some new calorie changes to be implemented next week.

I know Demond SAID he would be changing things up all the time, but I guess I didn’t really believe he would be all over it like he is.  I was chatting with Coach about the changes via email.  His response made me realize something.  I have been with Demond for just a few weeks and have already seen some results, even though I don’t know the exact number.  This is what I DO know.

  • He communicates with me frequently
  • He raises the bar continually and challenges me always.  What I did the “last time” is no longer enough for the next time.
  • He is already changing things up and while the change doesn’t EXACTLY make sense to me yet, I am confident that when we talk on Saturday, I will get a thorough explanation.  And even if I don’t, I am oddly ok with that.  My normal control freak nature is NOT kicking in.

Since starting with Demond, my stress level about this journey has severely decreased.  I don’t feel like I have to worry or wonder if my trainer knows what they are doing.  I can trust that Demond is monitoring things and changing things as needed and maybe even before I know they  are needed.  I can sit back, take instruction and simply do what is required without being anxious.  It is a sweet relief!  Relief from stress that I didn’t even realize was there until it wasn’t there anymore.

It feels good to know that I have someone on my side that is working just as hard as I am to make my goals happen.  It feels good to know that I can trust him and his knowledge.  It feels amazing to know that I don’t have to try to learn all sorts of things and figure stuff out anymore.  I don’t have to freak out, I just get to play and challenge myself everyday!  He keeps telling me in email, text, here on the blog, and on Facebook that he intends to walk along with me, I suppose it is about time I take him at his word!

It just so happened that I realized this while chatting with Coach and I often joke with him that he can always make me cry.  He has always been able to, even back when I was pretty numb to most feelings unless they were extreme.  This realization of relief actually brought tears to my eyes, good ones this time and it is all Coach’s fault!  haha

Now for my workout update:  I went back to the gym tonight, fully intending on busting out 1300 calories to end the day at 1500 burned.  But I think I severely underestimated what that would take, combined with not choosing the most effective cardio for that kind of burn.  The recumbent bike…doesn’t really get my heart rate pumping.  In the end, I did the recumbent bike, the regular stationary bike, walking incline intervals, a round on the Octane and 10 minutes on the stairway to heaven, aka stair climber.  After all of that and an hour and 20 minutes later, I burned 800 calories.  It was now 9 Pm, I was tired and hungry.  So I counted a 1000 calorie day, good enough.

I am sure Demond, the Demon Killer has something good in store for tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Relief!

  1. Sounds like a great workout at the gym. I laughed at ‘the stair way to heaven’ – I love the stair climber is one of my favourite machines at the gym:). I agree that the recumbent bike doesn’t get the heart pumping, I get the same thing on the cross trainer. For optimum workouts, I usually do 10 mins running on treadmill, 10 mins stair climber and to finsh 10 minutes on the stationary bike. Like you, I find that doing it in short bursts really gets the heart pumping, and you tend to work at your best for the short amount of time you are on the machines. All the best! Betty x

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