Today, even after being asleep by 10:15 last night, I did not want to get up for the gym.  I hit snooze a lot, then finally decided, I barely have time for a workout, might as well skip it and just double up tonight.

Recognize a pattern here?

I do.

As I sat on the edge of my bed I realized that going to the gym this morning was less about the workout and more about my character and sticking to my commitment of 2 workouts a day.  Am I going to do what I say I am going to do?

SO as I sat there, I thought, even if I go and have to turn around and come back, then at least I got there.

I want to be the kind of person that can be counted on to follow through on my commitments.  I am pretty good when the benefit of my actions is for someone else or if someone else will be directly affected, but when I am the only beneficiary, I pretty much suck at it, a lot.

So I put on my big girl pants, laced up my sneakers and headed out the door.  I got there with about 25 minutes to be able to do something.  I surveyed the equipment and decided to do the Octane first.

6:30 mile.

Then came the character test again.  I had a little more time left.  But really, if it is all about just getting here, I suppose I could be done, right?

Wrong.  Now that I am here, am I going to push myself the way Demond would if he were here?  How will I maximize my time?

After about 10 minutes of arguing with myself about all of this, I decided that a little punishment/reward was in order and I did 5 minutes on the stair climber.

213 calories burned in about 11.5 minutes of actual working out.  Not bad.  But man, what could have been accomplished if I had gotten there sooner?

Overall, I am glad I made it.  Tonight, I will go back and I won’t leave until I hit 1500 calories burned for the day!


4 thoughts on “Character

  1. I think that’s great, making the best of the time you had. Getting there and realizing it was a good thing. Also, though, maybe you can take a look at your plan. Maybe it would be kinder on your mind (if you mind works like mine) to only do 2-a-days 4 days a week or an alternate plan. As you and I and probably everyone else knows, it’s as much a spiritual and emotional journey as a physical one, and if we build our “plans” around that, we can find a way to treat ourselves kindly and skip the guilt that is a missed or delayed workout. Sometimes having a day or two a week you can look forward to not getting up makes all the other days easier.
    I know you have a plan and good, educated people helping you, but there is always room for altering when it comes to something you’re dreading.

    • I hear you Lesley, you make soem good points about taking time for rest and all that. But this morning was all about the rubber meeting the road and me living in my commitment. I have developed a pattern since starting two a days of skipping the morning at least a few days a week. Perhaps once I can get consistent with it, then I will be more willing to give myself grace in this area…but not when it is about laziness on my part and bad cas of the I don’t wanna’s.

      Besides that, Demond knows what he is doing. I am choosing to trust him and his advice. In 2 weeks he has helped me reach a loss. A loss I haven’t seen in a year and a half of busting my butt and letting myself off the hook.

      For now, I will wokr harder to complete the plan as assigned. Also, I keep in pretty good touch with Demond. I am also trusting that he will listen to me and what my body is telling me…and will prescribe rest days and times as needed. ANd if he doesn’t and I am REALLY melting down, I know myself well enough to know when I legitimately need a break. But like I said, this morning wasn’t about any of those things but laziness.

      Wow, this turned into a blog post of its own!

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