2010 Turkey Trot

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain pelting my window.  I rolled over and groaned.

Nooooo please God, I can handle it being cold, but cold and rainy is awful to run in cuz I will NEVER warm up.

My next thought was….how can I get out of this?

My third thought was…Get yo A$$ out of bed!

I listened to the third thought and hoped that GOd listened to the first.

I got up and ate some breakfast, grabbed 2nd breakfast for the road and headed out the door.  My plan was to get there by 6 AM and hopefully not have to deal with traffic.

I won!  I got to the top of Cobo Hall and discovered only about 20 cars there.  I called my friend Silvery to find out where she was and to tell her of the primo parking.

Unfortunately for her, she hadn’t even left her house yet.  Umm OK, I have time for about a 45 minute nap!  SO I cranked the heat in my car, locked my doors, laid my seat back and promptly fell asleep!  I love sleeping…and I can sleep anywhere!

We finally met up at about 10 minutes to 8 and headed to the start line.  THis was Silvery’s first Turkey Trot!  As we headed to the start line, we noticed a few things.

1. It wasn’t raining.

2.  I was blazing hot in my 2 layers of pants and my 3 layers of shirts which included a Patagonia Capilene 3!

But I was grateful!  It wouldn’t be an awful cold run.  IN fact it turned out to be just about a perfect 45 degrees or so!

We started running together and we figured out pretty quick, we run about the same pace, which means that I have a running partner for the whole race, when I want to quit.  It was sooo much fun to run with someone and it was neat to see how when I was struggling she could encourage me and when she was struggling I could encourage her!  Together, we motivated and encouraged each other all the way to the end!  It was so much fun!

In the end my time was 52:29, according to my watch, not official results. Not as fast as I wanted but I KNOW I pushed myself hard and it is still under a 17 min mile!

MY HR averaged at 156 and peaked at 175.

I burned 800 calories!


Afterwards, we found Jen, Virg and Ingrid and eventually Jen, Virg, Ingrid and I headed off for some breakfast.  We found a COney Island(gotta be from MI to know such places) and I got a gyro.

Now on to Thanksgiving Day Meals.

I think I did pretty well.  I didn’t follow my plan perfectly, but I did good.  First, we had 2 sizes of plates. 8″ paper plates and then those mega oval shaped paper china plates.  I chose an 8″ one.  Steamed my broccoli.  Filled half my plate with fresh broccoli, then added some turkey and half a slice of meat pie.  My plate was full, so I didn’t try to fit mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, stuffing or anything else on the plate.

That was my meal.  I never went for seconds.  Never nibbled on more later.  That was it.  I never had pumpkin pie, however my aunt showed up with her famous cookies, which I didn’t know were coming or they would have been built-in to the plan.  THe cookies I ate were small bite size things and throughout the day, I had 5 of them.  Also throughout the day I had 5 cheese/cracker combos

Add to that 1.5 glasses of red wine and that is what I ate all day.

My stomach feels awful.  It feels soo full.  I am thinking because it is a totally different kind of food than I normally eat.  I FEEL like I gorged but unless I am way out of wack in my thinking, I don’t think I did.  That is what I ate.  Unless this is like one of those distorted body image issues where someone sees themselves as fatter than they really are, and I am seeing my plate as less than what it really is….then I got nothing on why I feel so awful, physically.



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