I did not workout this morning.  Wednesday mornings are my super early day at work, so if I am even a few minutes later to the gym, it really crunches me on time.  And of course I struggle to get up still so I am often a few minutes late for my planned start time on any day, let alone Wednesdays.  I am hoping this gets better, otherwise, most Wednesday nights, I will be doing both workouts combined into one.

However, because I needed to go downtown tonight and register for the Turkey Trot after work, then make some pumpkin yummies for tomorrow, there was no workout tonight.

I am wondering if it helps that I also accidentally forgot to eat all my planned food for the day…mainly because I THOUGHT I had it all packed for the day, but missed some key items, and didn’t catch it until now when I reviewed my food log to send it to Demond.

I kinda thought I was a little hungry, but chalked it up to eating what I THOUGHT was my dinner earlier than usual.


As I sit here, thinking about where I am today and where I was one year ago today I realize weight wise I am worse off. EMotionally, I often feel like a basket case, but I guess that is called healing, when one goes from not really feeling things to feeling everything!  Last year at this time, I could run 10k, this year I am not so sure.  THis year I can do 10 minutes on a stairmaster, last year I wouldn’t have even considered it!

I have spent a lot of time over the last year wondering what is going on with my body and changing things, tweaking things, working hard.  And as I sit here on Thanksgiving Eve, all anxious for a little ole 5k tomorrow, I am thankful.

I am thankful that:

  • I can run.  I am not seriously injured.
  • I have NOT quit or given up or lost all hope permanently.
  • Despite the scale, I am far more healthy now than ever before.  Last year I had borderline high cholesterol, this year, not a chance in hell of me going on meds for that!
  • I have a new community here in Detroit finally and while it is not GR, it is the beginnings of solid relationships.
  • GR and all those there still love me and have not forgotten me 🙂

I am sure there is more, but I am really just thankful to be alive, to be able to be active.  Tomorrow, I Live!

And this is how I am going to live well!

Plan 1.  Steamed broccoli for my veggie choice instead of my favorite of all time, green bean casserole.  Eat all my broccoli first so I eat less of the other stuff!

Plan 2.  Measure out my portions.


Plan 4.  1 small piece of my pumpkin pie, but I make it reduced sugar (splenda blend)and with a whole grain crust.

Plan 5.  Don’t eat a big feast all at once.  But rather eat throughout the day just like normal, in smaller meals.  No more than 500 calories in at a time.  Once I reach that, then the rest of what I want, gets put aside for the next meal.

Plan 6: Run in the AM(Turkey Trot) and figure out a time to go for a walk in the afternoon at the very least or get people to play Wii with me or something active!

I am planning for success.  I want a Thumbs Up next week from Demond!

Good night, I must try to close my eyes and sleep…even though I know I will toss and turn and then have crazy dreams!



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