Pool Workout And Turkey Trot

Yesterday I did a pretty crazy pool workout.  I spent over an hour in the pool, and that was with cutting the last few things short!  Here is what Demond gave me to do.

  • Swim 5 laps regular
  • run 5 laps regular (turns into 10 when you can only go halfway across the pool because of depth)
  • Swim 5 laps breast stroke
  • run 5 laps with high knees
  • swim 5 laps backstroke
  • run 5 laps backward (hella hard)
  • hang on to the wall and kick (regular style) 5 minutes
  • tread water for 5 minutes
  • hang on wall and breast stroke kick 5 minutes
  • tread water for 5 minutes
  • sit fully submerged up to neck in hot tub 15 minutes ( I got about 5 in.  So sad.)
  • if anything is left in me, go in sauna for a few minutes

OK, so I cut the treading and kicking down to 3 minutes each so I could have time to get at least 3 minutes in the hot tub.  Before the hot tub piece, it was an hour and 15 minutes of working out…for a measly 698 calories burned.   That was frustrating.

But I learned something.  I don’t know how to breaststroke.  I know the concept  but somehow I don’t have the coordination or skill to get my legs and arms to do what they are supposed to do AND move myself forward at the same time.  I also learned later that my head is supposed to be underwater???  Uummm….yeah….don’t know what I am doing.  It seems I didn’t really move much when I tried it…so I did the right arms, did a freestyle kick and kept my head above water and…I moved!  Sheesh!  Maybe I need to go back to swim lessons.  All I cared about last time I took lessons was being able to swim 500 meters freestyle for that very first triathlon relay!

So now for the Turkey Trot.  Long time readers may recall that last Thanksgiving I ran my first ever 10K at the Detroit Turkey Trot.  Well, I have been looking forward to this race all year but decided I was gonna shoot for a record-breaking 5k.  I have talked a couple of friends from work(who have never run before) to train and run it, my friend Silvery is doing it, and Jenny G is in town with a couple other friends.  So the plan has been for a grand morning of fun!  Well, I have not run, a regular run since my knee injury several weeks ago now.  Since starting with Demond last week, he wanted me to hold off on running while my knee continued to rest and heal, even though it felt fine.  He has been looking out for the intense impact stuff on the knee.

What I DID NOT realize up until Wednesday night was that me doing the turkey trot at all was up in the air.  I happened to mention it to him and my concern that I have not run any distance at all and when can I even attempt it before race day.  That is when I found out he was not certain I should.  Not certain I shouldn’t either.  He wanted me to hold off until after the planned pool workout.

I, a certified control freak, am working on trust and so I said ok.  I would hold off on registering until then.  So last night, my knee felt great.  No twingees, no acheys, no nothing.  So I asked.  Can I sign up.  Hold off till morning he says.  Hmm ok.  He must know something or be looking for something I don’t know to look for or wait for.

So this morning, I chose to skip my workout for 2 reasons.  1.  I am/was exhausted.  I have had late nights every night this week and super early mornings as well.  2.  I was afraid that if I felt something weird during my workout it would for sure be a no to the race.  So I wanted to avoid that possibility.

It didn’t help.  I stood up and immediately felt a tightness in my knee.  Before even walking on it to test it, I texted him and told him the status.  He said yes, I could do the race.

YAY!!!!  I was sooo relieved.  You have no idea how I was fighting premature disappointment.   I actually fell asleep fighting tears and for the first time in my life, woke up with tears as if I had been crying in my sleep.   WTF is that?

Then I started moving around and getting ready for my shower and I felt my knee.  It wasn’t awful.  It wasn’t painful as in give me meds, but it was noticeable.  It was slightly uncomfortable.  It wasn’t right.  I knew then that while he said yes, I had to give him this info.  I finally agreed that I would hold off until tomorrow when I see him again to register so he can check it out and we can talk about it.

I am not gonna lie.  I want to do that race so bad.  Before the injury, you know I was working on my speed and was excited to see if I could pull out a 14 min mile average.  So the possibility of not being able to do it, with my friends, is so devastatingly disappointing.

Last year when Jenny and I ran it, we agreed that it was our Thanksgiving run.  We would be running in Thanksgiving to God that we could.  We would honor him with our bodies and thank him that each day we are learning to live more healthy lives with more healthy bodies.  A run that spoke volumes in action of LIVING and not DYING.

I was looking forward to that again.

I know.  There are other ways to do that. But honestly guys, I love running.  I miss it. And I know it is a huge leap from this slight injury, but there is a fear that I will never run again or perhaps I will lose that love.

I want to run WITH my friends.  I know I can still go and cheer them on and will do that regardless.  But man…I really wanted to run with Gabe, who hasn’t run a lick and show him up cause as skinny as his butt is….I got him beat in cardio.  I know that this fat girl can out run this skinny punk kid!  Hands down!(Love You Gabe!)  Then Jeff, who has been running some, I think.  Oh how fun to celebrate his last year in his 20’s as he lives life bigger than ever, seeking out ways to go sliding full speed into his 30’s next year. (Jeff, half marathon baby-Your coming to Nashville!  And you never gave me your list!).  Then to run with Silvery who has a goal of running this 5k for the first time with out walking at all and has been training like a crazy woman!  And Jenny, whom I love dearly and has been waking me up every morning…would just love to run with her again, even for a moment as we start out and she quickly leaves me in the dust!  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yeah, the possibility of not running…mega sad.

And yet, I won’t risk permanent or serious injury over a 5k.  So if Demond says it is not wise, for real…I will listen and obey….and I will probably shed a tear or two.  Oh who am I kidding a few have already been shed!  I will cry buckets!


2 thoughts on “Pool Workout And Turkey Trot

  1. I had a few moments to jump on and read tonight. I am SO sorry to hear that your knee is still giving you trouble. It’s okay to be upset over it, but then take a step back and use this as an opportunity…not just to listen to your body (important), not just to trust Demond (also important), but most importantly to trust GOD. He knows you and the desires of your heart. He cares for you. And He’s got your back. So hang in there and good job knowing that it’s not worth risking long-term injury to go after this goal. It hurts to let go of things like this, I know.

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