Out Of Gas

Well, I started this morning out at 4:30 AM with awful stomach pains, which I am certain are from eaten a turkey burger far too late at night and just before going to bed.   Jenny G called me at 5 AM to wake me up and I was laying there dozing debating on whether I could make it through a workout or not.

In the end, while I was awake and dressed for a workout, I did not go.

Instead I came home from work, got my Moroccan Chickpea Chili started in the crock pot and headed to the gym, intent on doing a full hour and a half.

It was awful!  You know how often we SAY a workout is awful and hard and painful while we are doing it, but when we are done, we feel accomplished and proud and a little bit…hard core?

This was NOT that!

Every squat and lift was painfully difficult.  I had to fight mentally to not cut my sets short as I worked through the weight routine Demond showed me last week.

Then when I was almost done with it, I noticed that my HRM was not transmitting my HR!  Apparently the strap had loosened up over time and was not getting a good connection with my rib cage.  I had to go to the bathroom, take it off and tighten it up.!  Oh the bain of losing weight!

I was oh so grateful to move on to cardio next.

I thought for sure, now that I was warmed up it would get a LITTLE easier.  It was not to be.  I got on the Octane and at half a mile in my legs were shaking so bad I thought I was gonna fall off the machine.  And honestly, I wasn’t even working as hard on it as I have the past couple days.

I got through a mile in 7 minutes.  Ok maybe I WAS working harder than I thought.  As I write this I am realizing that is my fastest time on it yet!  Hmmm…

I then went over and walked inclines.  Even there my legs shook and trembled the whole time.  I finally decided that if I made it to an hour, that would be good.

Sadly, because my HRM wasn’t transmitting right, it says I only burned 500 calories.

I then came home and I am discovering a new dilemma that is coming with evening workouts.  Post workout, I do not want a big meal.  Sure, I am hungry but I just cant do it.  I cleaned up the kitchen and pulled out some turkey meatloaf and broccoli for dinner.  I ate about half of each and was just done.

Sure, I could eat it for the sake of eating the calories, but then would I end up in the same state I was in this morning because it is late?

Which brings me to the 2nd part of that dilemma.  Evening workouts push dinner back to at least 8 or 9 PM.   I don’t eat before I go, unless it is a light snack, because that just seems like too much to eat before an intense workout.

All things I will have to figure out. I am sure I will be talking to Demond about all this when we review all of this info and my calorie intakes and burns and all that stuff he is asking for reports on.

OK, that is it.  Must go to bed!  I got a pool workout in the morning!


5 thoughts on “Out Of Gas

  1. Kim, remember that we spoke about changes… You are going to notice those workouts feeling different but that is not always a bad thing, trust me. It will become harder to get that hearrate as high as fast, this is your superhero transformation! You are doing great my dear and I will show you what I mean this weekend. Remember, we can get together anytime during the week as well, I am here for you always!

  2. Friend, I am noticing the same thing. I put my BodyBugg on for the first time in months, and at 52 minute workout with my trainer (including step ups, squats, lunges, weights, and other stuff that usually TORCHES calories) only burned 450 calories. 450 CALORIES?!?! I used to burn that in 30 minutes!!!

    As Demond said, as your fitness gets better and your body gets stronger and smaller, this is bound to happen. I think I always had this fantasy that workouts would “feel” easier as I got smaller. Well, they will, if I keep doing the same level of workout that I did when I was bigger and less fit. But if I want to continue challenging my body, torching calories, losing weight, tightening up, etc. – I have to keep upping the intensity of my workouts and keep working out just as hard as I ever did. Poo!

    Anyways – GOOD JOB on getting that workout done even though it felt so hard. Those are the toughest workouts to do – when you just feel spent and want to throw in the towel. So consider THAT a huge success for yesterday.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. If it hurts it must be working! I know some workouts are a struggle, but just think of the rewards! Congrats on your 7 minute mile, that is great!! All the best. Betty x

  4. I should clarify. I did NOT run a 7 minute mile. I did a 7 min mile on a machine called the Octane…some variety of elliptical type machine that simulates the running stride.

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