Days Off

Today I had the day off of work with all sorts of grand plans.  I had about 6 recipes I planned on making and dividing and freezing as well as 2 workouts to make happen.  Ideally, one in the  morning and one in the later afternoon.

Days off for me don’t usually go the way I plan them.  In fact, I am quite lazy on my days off.  I like to stay in bed as long as possible, and when I DO wake up, I don’t go jumping out of bed.  I like to linger in its cozy warmth.  This is exactly how today went for me.  In fact at about 10:30 AM I thought, “Oh no! I HAVE to get out of bed and go eat something or I am gonna have trouble getting 2500 calories in today!”

I then proceeded to continue reading my book and completely forgot about eating.  Finally about 11:30 or so I remembered again and got right up and went and ate an apple with peanut butter.

At some point I got a little hungry again and for the first time in months actually ate a bowl of cereal.  Cinnamon Oatmeal squares.

Soon I realize it is 1:15 and I am supposed to be going up to work to talk with a girl on her lunch break about a wine party we are planning on Saturday (although I am still not sure how this became MY party to plan-apparently I was present for a conversation that had me now a co-host).  I found out tho I didn’t have to go after all, which was good, cuz I wasn’t even dressed let alone had a workout in yet.

I decided to make sure I had grocery list all together before I headed out to the gym.  For whatever reason, this took forever, as I found more new recipes to try!  In the meantime, I wrote a blog and read a blog or two.

Do you see how this day is shaping up?

My dad stopped by and I decided then was the IDEAL time to get out of here.  Nothing motivates a quicker exit for me than him showing up.  But that is another story for another blog at another time. I gathered my things and headed out to the gym.  5PM.  No recipes cooked.  No groceries bought.  Barely any food intake.  No workout in, although I am heading there…and now I am just pissed off (dad thing).  So what do I do?  I decide I NEED to consume some calories right now RIGHT before I workout…so I chose…the local fried chicken joint.  No it wasn’t KFC.  But it may as well have been.

Grrrr….why do I let him irk me so much.  To his credit he didn’t even do anything wrong.  I know this is my issue, not his at this point.  (another blog though)  Regardless though, I let my emotions run the decision and I made a really poor one!  The only thing worse would be not owning it, which I almost left this little piece out of this post!

I proceeded to the gym where I began to redeem my day.  I did the NuStep machine, walking inclines and the Octane.

From there I left, went and got my groceries and went back to the gym for workout #2.

There I rode the bike, did more walking inclines, the stair master and the Octane again.

In total I burned 1129 calories between the two workouts.

Now I am home.  I have steel-cut oats ready for the weeks breakfasts.  I have turkey meatloaf and chicken parmesan made…and tomorrow I will make a Gumbo and a Moroccan Chili and my Caribbean Stir fry…

THEN, I should be set to combat dumb urges!

Oh and the rest of my day eating?  I was so hungry after my workout, but I started cooking and forgot to eat.  I finally had a small turkey burger at about 10 PM.

So not good on calorie consumption today.  Not to mention it is after midnight, and I am not in bed yet…Thank God Jenny is calling my butt in the morning!

Demond is gonna kill me!


2 thoughts on “Days Off

  1. He won’t kill you, and you know what? I am realizing that being honest and open and real about all of this stuff is a really big, healthy step. So kudos on giving us all the dirty details, and here’s hoping for a better today!

    • Jess used to REWARD me for crap like this when I pulled it. When I said she was killin gme she would say, No I am LIVING you…give me more! I have a feeling Demond killing me will be something similar!

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