First of all, I want to welcome the sudden rash of new readers that have found me via The Demon Killer’s (aka Demond’s) Facebook page.  Up until Demond posted my blog on his FB page, I have been pretty careful about NOT putting it on there…too late now!  🙂  Suddenly my regular 10 or 12 readers has jumped to an average of 35+ in the last week.  And since I share pretty honestly, I have to admit…it makes me a little nervous.  Mainly because I suspect that my illusion of anonymity is about to be blown up!

It’s all good though.  I suspect that if you are friends of Demond, then you are good people, likely on a similar journey.  So welcome and I hope you find some encouragement here in knowing you are not alone.  Feel free to say hi and comment if anything grabs ya!

Now, for the most part, I am quite proud of how I handled today.  My calories are on lock, full of healthy stuff and without cheating once.  I ate just under 2500 calories, which is according to Demond’s plan.  During my workout tonight, I burned just under 1000 calories.  I completed my hour and a half by doing the following:

  • 30 minutes swimming
  • approx 30 minutes doing his weight routine for me 2 times through.
  • Then I spent the last bit of time doing the stair climber and the Octane machine.

The Octane is this machine that Demond loves that simulates the running stride.  He likes it for me because it has no impact on my knees, especially in light of my recent knee injury.  As far as I can tell…it is another variety of elliptical type machine and therefore is indoor stationary cardio…which quite frankly is just awful!  So I gotta find ways to make it interesting.  Last week when I was with Demond, I pulled out a mile on it in just over  9 minutes.  He insisted that the reason I didn’t make it into the 8’s was because of a little breather I took right at the end.  So tonight, instead of paying attention to my HR, I watched the time and the distance…and I pulled it out in 8 min 28 seconds.

This is EXCELLENT!  Except, now the bar is raised even higher… 🙂

My disappointments for the day are that I did not get up with my alarm and do 2 45 minute workouts.  It has been interesting to notice how easy getting up at 4 am had become when I was meeting Kelly but getting up at 5 AM seems so much harder.  I think it is because I know I am getting up alone.  I am going to the gym alone and working alone.   WHo wants to do that when I could stay in my cozy warm bed?

Yeah, I am adjusting.  I am gonna get this down and into a routine.  Because quite frankly long late night workout outs don’t work for me.  All it does is energize me for hours and I don’t go to sleep at a reasonable time not to mention dinner gets pushed back way late.  Not good.

Jenny G is gonna call me when she gets off work in the AM!  and the Seattle Runner Girl and I will be checking in with each other since she has a similar goal…sooo give me a little time.  Soon this will all be second nature to me!

oh yeah, and Demond my min/max HR was 128/172 for the 2nd half of my workout.  For the swim portion it was 107/143.


2 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. Wow, your workout yesterday sounds like it was great! Half an hour of swimming on its own does me in, so I’m impressed you followed it up with weights plus more cardio.

    I have no doubt that you’ll be successful in getting into your new routine. Go you!

  2. Dude, your workouts make ME tired! Great job in the gym. I totally hear you on getting up early, especially when there is no one waiting on you! I struggle with that, too, hence my request to be accountabilibuddies this week!

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