Ready, Set…Grrrrr

Note to Self:  While it is wise to not put off til tomorrow what you can do today, ramping up your weight loss plan while simultaneously going out-of-town for a conference, is not the time to gauge whether it was a successful turn or not.

In fact, if you go to said conference where you sit in sessions, break for a meal or snack, and sit more, then eat more, then sit more….yeah….not a good weight loss plan.  One might find herself easily discouraged.

I have no idea of calorie counts for the weekend.  I am certain I didn’t make the best choices at every meal.

I started to beat myself up about this then I realized once again.  I am human.  I am imperfect.  And I did make some good choices.  I did use the hotel workout room.  I did eat fruit and veggies.  I did skip the dessert/snacky stuff.  I stayed in touch with the Demon Killer.

It was not a complete fail.  It wasn’t good, by a long shot but I have a choice to make.  Beat myself up or learn from this.

I choose to learn and to start over.

So, Monday morning 5:30 AM will be workout # 1 and 7 PM will be workout #2.   I have 2500 calories planned for tomorrow and since I have Tuesday off, it will be a cooking/freezing of food day.  It is time to get focused and serious…the holidays are coming after all…and I don’t intend to be derailed by them!

With that said…Good Night!


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