A Daily Post

So, part of my plan involves updating The Demon Killer each day on how I did with workouts and eating and all that goes with it.  Since I want to blog as well, I figure I will kill 2 birds with one stone and blog my update to him.

So today was an odd day.  I am travelling with some people from my church for a conference in GR, so I just have to make the best choices I can.

Choice #1 this morning did not go well.  I did NOT make it to the gym.  No worries, my hotel has a gym and I will just go after the conference.

Breakfast choices were good.  Protein shake and oatmeal

Lunch became a grilled chicken sandwich from a deli and a side salad.

When we arrived in GR, we checked into the hotel.  I checked out the gym and told The DK what my options were.  He proceeded to give me a plan.

Two of us then went to go visit an Ethiopian friend of Rebecca’s where I was very pleasantly subjected to Ethiopian hospitality.  We ended up having a delicious meal with this bread/crepe like thing.  I am told it is actually more protein and high in Iron.  We paired that with a beef mixture and a rice and veggie dish.  All of which is eaten with your hands by breaking off a piece of the bread and scooping some of the other items into it.

This was then followed by Ethiopian coffee.  Now here, if an American offers you coffee, you MIGHT get a fresh pot made with freshly ground coffee beans.  Not so with Ethiopians.  THis woman first pulled out green coffee beans and roasted them in a pan before grinding them then boiling us some coffee.  It was by far the best c up of coffee I have ever had!  I want to be Ethiopian I think!

From there we headed to the conference.  It was a great evening of worship and teaching.  But we didn’t get back to the hotel until almost 11:30.  My final choice of the day is to workout or not to workout.

I am choosing no and will go to sleep in a minute and wake up early with Rebecca for a workout.   1. I am tired.  2. I kinda want to be with my new friends instead of off by myself.

As for calories in taken today.  I have no idea.  The Ethiopian food threw me off.  I would say before the Ethiopian meal I was at about 1100 for the day.

Tomorrow will be better, I hope.


2 thoughts on “A Daily Post

  1. Good job with your choices here. I think on days when you don’t have control, the key is really portion control and avoiding things that are REALLY bad. Keep up the great work – I’m happy we’re going to be hearing from you more!

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