Big House Big Heart Photos

Lined up, ready to go,cuz we are freezing!!!

Laurie and I, freezing before the race, and checking out the stadium!

Don't mess with us, we might bite!

the stadium!

We are Running!!!! (I am dying!!!)

When you see a chicken with french manicured nails...always High 5 them!

The view coming out of the tunnel...

The finish line. A mere 50 more yards!

Oh man, got this one out of sequence, but this is the Runaway Train shot!!!

Coming out of the tunnel, part 2. Shouting at Kyra to finish it out...oh and there is her trainer, Demond!

And of course I saved the best for my inspiration....Kyra!!! (photo stolen from FB, with permission)

Sadly, the official race photos are STILL not available yet…so frustrating.  It has been a month.  Sigh!


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