…I feel really fantastic about the work I am doing, knowing full well that I am making good choices all the time and doing all the right things.

Then there are days like today.

I couldn’t care 2 SH!T$ about this journey any longer.

Would love to go off and order a pizza and not share a bite of it.

I truly want to eat everything in the house grocery store.

In fact, I went to go grocery shopping today and just knew I was in trouble and NOT going to do well if I stayed in there a moment longer, so I took what I had in my cart and left immediately.  I was in there all of 5 minutes, 3 of it was spent checking out.

Yeah, this is me before a weigh in/measurement day.

Somedays, I should just stayed holed up in my room so I don’t see or smell food at all.

Somedays, I need all the help I can get.

All these crazy feelings will go away in 2.5 days, I am sure of it.  I just need to HANG ON until then.


5 thoughts on “Somedays…

  1. Today is the day. And the roller coaster will go away after your WI. And if it wasn’t WI, it would be something else – a race, another achievement you’re working towards but aren’t quite sure about yet. Hang in there, be tough, and know that WHATEVER the results today, you are doing right by your body. And eventually, it will do right by you, too.

  2. Stay strong Kim. You can do it. As I read this, it seems like your WI is over, so hopefully you are back to your (semi) normal self. 🙂

  3. I made it through. Won some battles, lost some battles, but ultimately I have not lost the war…

    Still don’t know my results. I mean I SAW teh measurements but dont recall what they were the last time so I don’t know what has changed or not, other than my hips…which haven’t changed since I started seeing Jess in March!

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