A Good Feeling

This morning I met with Kelly for a session, but since I had asked for a later session than 5 AM (since it was a holiday) we did a group session.  Me and one other girl, that was supposed to be 2.

I had met these other girls before and was kind of excited to work with other people around.  Perhaps it wouldn’t be as intense a workout!  A little break here or there.

I was wrong.  I forget how my competitive side can come out.  I had to show off what I can do and not falter on any of it!  These girls have been working with Kelly for far longer than I have so I had an expectation that they were stronger than I.  Not to mention that they are FAR smaller than me!

As we got started with the very first thing, the other girl started complaining right away.  My thought was, this is the easy part! I wasn’t even trying to show off or anything, I just thought this part was the easy warm up part.

As we continued through the workout, every exercise, this girl complained, cut short or stopped several times through the set.  If we had to do 15, she stopped at 5 and 10.

Kelly was pretty patient though.  She just kept her going.

Me, however, while it got tougher, no matter how tough it got, I just knew I couldn’t complain now!!  No way!

It was interesting to see someone I perceived as stronger or better than, struggle through a workout.  I don’t know if she is always like this or perhaps she had an even tougher workout the day before or perhaps something was going on that made it tougher than normal for her, but her struggling made me feel stronger and more confident in what I am doing.  Not better than her, but more confident in myself.  I often feel like i should be at a different place or level than I am.  This morning helped with that misperception.

I am stronger than I think I am.  And while I may do my own share of complaining and whining at times…I know I only complain BEFORE I start the set, but then I finish the set all the way through, no matter what!

I also know that my body language complains a lot too.  Kelly told me the other day to stop rolling my eyes at her!  I had no  idea I was doing that!

This morning helped put everything into perspective and I think it drove me to another level.  Even when I wanted to complain, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Poor Kelly, can you imagine if she had 2 of us actively whining…so while I may have wanted to, I bit my tongue, toughed it out…and did my best!


4 thoughts on “A Good Feeling

  1. I really enjoyed this post! Go you!
    I’m just starting out on my own journey and I can’t even get the drive to move more! I can’t wait to read more of your journey!! Wahoo!

  2. AMEN to being stronger than you think you are! I love feeling strong. I find myself giving my trainer a “caveat,” sometimes, like, “my ankle was feeling better but it was injured recently so I might not be able to do this.” And then, of course, I CAN do it. And she finally told me I need to stop doubting myself. Here I am feeling more strong and confident than I have my whole life, and I still have lots of work to do!

    Anyhow, good for you for getting in a strong workout – feels good, no?!

  3. I have really enjoyed reading your status updates on facebook. There have been many days where I have decided to chuck the workout routine, but then I see your updates and it gets me off my hump! Thanks for the inspiration Kim, you are one amazing woman.

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