Let’s Play Catch!

So, Mama Kelly is a super happy sort at o dark:thirty.

I, am not at my best at that hour.  I am getting better, but I am not quite EXCITED yet to be up and working out at 5 or 6 AM.  I endure it that is about it.

So, as I am waking up Monday morning and am not quite out of bed yet but really need to be, I get a text message greeting me with all sorts of excitement to see me in just one hour.

Wake up text?  WHoa…Totally helped propel my butt out of bed…but it oozed happiness!

I show up and Mama is all sorts of happy.  Like happy overload.  COme to find out, at 7 AM, I am her 3rd appointment for the day already!

Oye!  I am in trouble!

So we get started on a “warm up”.  Her warm up is worse than Jess’s.  I think because it comes so pleasantly and with a side of smile!

Pretty quickly we head over to do some push ups and after wards she says, “ok, now we are gonna play catch!”

Catch?  Did she just say Catch?  Like with a ball?

She pulls out a giant exercise ball and throws it to me.  She tells me it can only bounce once and I have to catch it and throw it back to her without it bouncing.

OK???  THis should be interesting and far too fun to be a workout…but oh well, we shall see.

She bounces it to me a couple of times and I throw it back a couple times..no problem.

Then she bounces it to the corner of the room.

I knew there was a catch to this!!!  She alternated corners of the room and the middle of the room, running me all over the place to catch this thing.

Then she stopped and had me do more push ups!

We repeated this cycle several times.

Then headed back out to do more stuff with “the little guys”(small weights).

Totally fun and different way of working out!  Who knew that working out could be such fun!!!

But seriously…I am getting up at 4 AM tomorrow for a 5 AM session with her…I hope that level of happy is instantly contagious….


7 thoughts on “Let’s Play Catch!

    • AMY! DId you change your blog again????

      As for the workout…umm I got up at 4 for a 5 am…and it was AWFUL!!!! We will see if we continue this or not!

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