BLT Photos

Bostwick Lake Triathlon was almost a month ago and I have yet to get my pictures up.  So, I decided tonight was the night.


There I am! Swimming! You can't see it, but I am NOT last!

starting to plow thru the water, attempting to run out...without falling over!

See!!  The escorts are WAY behind me, instead of coming in with me!  YEAH!  ME!!!

I think I am in this somewhere, I thought this was me getting ready to head out on the bike, but there are too many bikes racked.

oops nope, that one is post bike ride…..

Here comes Coach out of the water! GO COACH!!!

Finally. Only 9 minutes after getting out of the lake, I can go ride!

Can't seem to catch this guy!!!Here he is coming in off the bike!

ok, Leg#2 is done. now, ALL I have to do is RUN 3 miles...

except I had to pee, remember? This is after my pit stop...

Officially heading out to run...Tristan joins me in a few minutes!

Tristan, The Encourager and his sister Marissa, who was my teammate last year!

Coach and Aaron, standing around talking. They have a while to wait.

Last 100 yards or so...with my entourage. Love them all...Can I take a nap yet?

Oh yeah....Coach finished too! But long before me!

And that is all I got folks.

More posts a brewing.  New trainer, meal planning, a word from Mark at the Metabolic testing center…and so much more…:-)  Soon my friends, soon.


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