She Broke My Pinkie!

So, I have a little time, so I figured I should catch up on some blog writing from the fairly recent past.  This story comes sometime between Nashville and now, but closer to Nashville.

I had decided to go to Jess’s Boot Camp Class on this particular evening.  Part of the workout included hauling Olga while running backwards for a set distance then picking her up and running back to the start point with her.

The first time we did this, Jess timed us to see how fast we could do it.  Then we had to keep doing it until we could beat our first and fastest time.

Well, on my second attempt, I was attempting to pick Olga up( I really need to get a picture of all of these characters that play a role in this journey of mine) and I am not sure what I did, but in the picking up, my pinkie started to hurt.  Perhaps I jammed it into this sand bag perhaps I strained it, I don’t know.  All I know is it hurt and was turning purple and swelling up.

But I kept going. Of course my time was slower than my first.  After one more round I finally told Jess that I think I hurt my finger.

She just looked at me and said, “Kimberly, that is such a sad story…” and basically told me that we are continuing to do this until we beat the fastest time.

OK….well let me just say between sets of these runs we had to do jumping jacks and push ups.  I was careful with my hand/finger, but it only REALLY hurt when I tried to pick Olga up.

When I would come back from a haul/run attempt, slower than ever she asked me, “Kimberly, that time you were slower, do you know why?”

Yep, I do.  I was being careful and hesitated in picking Olga up.

That’s right, you hesitated.


Well….the next day….my finger was quite swollen and I kept banging it.  Trying to type with it was obnoxiously painful.   Soooo…..this is what I did.

Doing what I gotta do...

Duct tape fixes everything.  Even cheap duct tape.

Jess laughed at me when I came to my next workout with this thing on.  No mercy or compassion from her.

I still don’t know what I did but it is only been in the recent couple weeks that it has not been slightly swollen.

Oh and I only wore the splint for about a week.

For this, I blame Jess, She broke my pinkie! HAHAHAHA

The not so sad part of this story, is…I am kinda proud of this injury.  Real athlete’s get injured from time to time…and work through it anyway.

More proof that I AM an athlete!

(Still have to write about  my toenail! Even more proof coming!)


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