Bitter Sweet

Bitter is not generally a taste we enjoy and yet Sweet brings great pleasure, does it not?

Well, I have a bit if bitter-sweet news to share that I have known about for about a month now and this news played a huge factor in why I was so upset last week when I gained again.

I think I will start with the Sweet!

G.I Jess is an amazing trainer.  One who is committed to my success almost as much as I am.  I think she would not be as good if she was MORE committed than me, but that is another story.  She challenges me always.  She believes I can do anything and she is always raising the bar.  It helps too that our personalities are similar.  Besides all of these things, one of the things I love most about her is that she has a HUGE vision for her life and where she wants to take her personal training company to.   She has goals and is focused.  I also make-up, based on the fact that she is human, that she also has times of doubt and fear and uncertainty.  Who doesn’t??  However, her vision and her passion to help people live fit and healthy lives is far greater than any of those possible fears, doubts and uncertainties.  This same vision and passion is what drives her to plan her sessions for her clients and to put so many hours into each person, outside of their paid session.

Sweet, eh?  Who wouldn’t want a trainer like this?

Now for the Bitter.

She is leaving.  Those same dreams and visions and passions are taking her to Atlanta where she has an amazing opportunity to continue pursuing her dream and to turn her vision into reality.   I am super excited for her and what this means for her.  I wish her the best of luck and plan on stalking her to know how things are coming and should she ever come back to MI, I will drop whatever trainer I have, to have her back on my payroll…and yet…I am sad too.

I am losing my trainer.  The one I KNOW I got really lucky with in the first place…fortunately, she plans on helping me find her replacement.  Unfortunately for whoever that is, they now have a really high bar to hurdle.

On the upside, we plan on meeting in Nashville next year for the half marathon.  Yep, I talked Ms. Strength herself, into a long distance run all so she can SEE my progress!

So you can see why I was extra upset about last weeks weigh in.  It seemed to me at the time that we STILL hadn’t figured out my body yet and now she was going to be gone. (She leaves sometime in August)  FOrtunately, I am not as worried about that anymore, I got my test results, which I will be sharing soon…now I am more just sad that the trainer I REALLY like, is leaving.

Bitter.  Sweet.

G.I.Jess AKA The Trainer

Any readers in the Atlanta area need an amazing trainer??  I will give you her contact info for just a small management/broker fee!  Just kidding.  Seriously, though, if you live out there and need a trainer….the best is coming your way!


3 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet

  1. Be strong! Yes, it is bittersweet, but she taught you everything you need to know. The power is real and it is within you!

  2. I had to sample a few trainers before I found the right one, and then she moved across the continent. (I had to be happy for her, CA is where she belonged) I found another trainer, different than the first, but was it possible that his formula fo rmy training was even better for me? I got stronger than ever and 6 months later he left to go back to school. (I had to be happy for him too) Now I am on trainer number three and I can’t even believe it but this guy motivates me like no one else before. This guy gets me to take classes and try new things that I don’t think the other two could have talked me into. I took what each lovely human being had to offer me, and ran with it. Every one brings a fresh perspective and I get the benefit of all their accumulated knowledge. Scary to change? YES! I got so comfortable with each of them before they left, but far from the disaster I thought it was going to be, and if I am honest, in the end it has made me less reliant on the trainer and more confident in my ability to take care of myself. You can do this too. You can do anything. You are strong.

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