A Shir-taculous Journey

A Shirt-aculous Journey

I don’t know about you, but I have never been a huge fan of t-shirts.  You know, the ones that are given to you when you volunteer, or in my recent case, shirts from races, or shirts that a group of people go in on together and design.  They never fit me.  Ever.

Up above you will see a 3-Day shirt.  I walked the Breast Cancer 3-Day in 2004 and was given that shirt.  I never wore it.  It was a size 4x and did not fit.  Sure I could get it on, but…umm yeah that doesn’t mean it fit.  Last winter when I needed layers to do my winter running, I found that shirt and figured, it is just an under layer, a looser and better fitting shirt will go over top, so I can wear it for warmth out on the trails.   I put it on, and just as I thought…it didn’t fit.  This time though, it was too big.

The shirt to the left is my long sleeve shirt I got last December for the Jingle Bell Run (10K) I ran with my brother.   It is a 2x.  I still have not put it on.  I will wear it this fall though and winter as I run.

The Turkey Trot shirt and Country Music shirt are tech shirts…yeah…it will be a while before i can fit those.  The Turkey Trot is an XL and the Country Music shirt is a 2x from Nashville.  Technically I can wear the Nashville one and I suppose it fits the way a tech shirt is supposed to, but I am not comfortable in it yet…soon.

The bottom two shirts are from the Awful River Bank Run (25K) and the Super Bowl 5K I ran (first race by myself).  While both shirts fit, I hate wearing the RBR shirt.  It reminds me of what I DID NOT finish and I LOVE the Super Bowl one because it is a reminder that I run for me and because it is orange!

The Pistons shirt is there because, well I LOVE Deeetroiitttt Baasssskeettttballllll….and for years I could not wear that shirt…and now I can but not for much longer!

The Love for Linda shirt brings my heart joy every time I wear it.  It was a shirt that my friends designed when they formed a team to walk a breast cancer walk in honor of their mom who was and continues to battle cancer.  It didn’t fit when I got it, but I wore it for Linda that day of the walk, and not since.  Now it fits…and while I couldn’t do the race this year…next year I will wear it and RUN for Linda!

The bright green shirt on the right is a volunteer shirt I got for a local festival.  It was awful last year having to wear it knowing it didn’t fit at all.  This year, it makes a great running shirt…since it fits now.

Finally, my last two shirts that I have displayed.  One is my “friends don’t let friends run alone” shirt that I had made for Nashville.  I ordered this in 2 sizes…because I wasn’t sure which would fit.  Wouldn’t you know, the smaller 2x fits!!!  So I wear that one when going out to hang with people and the other one a 3x(not shown as it is being washed) is worn for working out in.   HA!    The other is my FIRST Triathlon shirt from August 2008.  I got this shirt in my first Relay Team event at the Prairie View Triathlon.  I took the shirt and put it in a bag, knowing it would NEVER be worn or at least I couldn’t imagine a time that it would/could be worn.  The other day, I put on this shirt and headed out to meet Jess, thinking nothing of it.  It wasn’t until I was working out with her I realized…what shirt I was wearing, when I got it, how I felt when they gave it to me…and that I was now wearing it…and it fit just fine…a 2x.

It has been a Shir-taculous Journey…from a 4x to a 2x…and down we go….

Guess what!  I LOVE getting race shirts now!!!  and Volunteer Shirts…and any other shirts people want to give me…but in a 2x or smaller please…


4 thoughts on “A Shir-taculous Journey

  1. When I read this blog it reminds me of a comment a friend once made about my T-Shirts. She said, if a person just read your t-shirts, they’d know alot about you. It was interesting and true.
    When I was 12 my mom told me at Disney World, “This is the last T-Shirt I am ever buying you.” I took it as a challenge and have only bought maybe 2-3 for under $5 each since then. Well, my mom’s dream to have my T-shirt collection become extinct hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t think it will happen. Now I just buy “work gear t-shirts” with HWI on them.

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