The Day Of Reckoning

It has been over a month since I have weighed in or had measurements taken.

The day has been set for tomorrow.  In the morning, I will go to my Dr.’s office in as little clothing as possible and without any water or food in me yet and I will weigh in and see if the blasted scale has decided to start moving.

I know I will not be able to handle it if it doesn’t and I have to work all day before I see Jess, so what WE have decided I would do is have someone at the office look at the scale, write the number down and put it in an envelope and seal it.  I will then give that to Jess and we will look at that number together when I see her at 6.

I have to admit, I am highly tempted to not eat today or drink either…but I know that would NOT help my body in the least.  I am just desperate for that number to move and catch up with the others.   I have been studying my body like crazy searching for changes, of any kind. One minute I see something, the next I don’t.

Yep folks, I think I have flipped to the OTHER SIDE of crazy.

Not doing so hot on my plan for balance right now.


5 thoughts on “The Day Of Reckoning

  1. Kim, I am praying for you, whatever that number says tomorrow. (But I’m also praying for a loss!) I think the plan to look at the number with Jess in the evening is a good one. Keep us posted and know we will be here for you no matter what!

  2. I like your plan too. It will be good to have Jess there when you see your weight. I know what you mean about those unhealthy impulses. I get weighed by my trainer every two weeks in the afternoon and on those days there is a part of me that has to force myself to eat my normal meals and to drink my water. I know you’ll be able to make yourself eat and drink like normal today. I’m sending good thoughts your way for an excellent weigh in tomorrow.

  3. I was thinking about taking a break from the scale all summer. The scale can really take on a life of it’s own for someone trying to take off the weight. I know my numbers are going down s.l.o.w.l.y because I am putting on much muscle. My % of body fat is going down though! Let’s emphasize strength and health over the number on the scale. Deal?

    • I think, so far going the long time between scale weigh ins has made me wonkier because my expectations and hopes are higher. If I had my preference I would weigh in ever week or every 2 weeks…but I am submitting myself to Jess’s plan and will continue this way until she says otherwise.

      I DO see all the other positive changes…I just want this one to change too.

  4. Kim
    I have been thinking about you a ton! So familiar with the feelings you are expressing… DYING to know what happened??????????

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