Changes I DO Notice

Despite all my whining, fears, insecurities, doubts and wonderings of the last week or so….there are some things that I have noticed.

  1. Last year, while in the middle of the lake, I could pull my goggles off, rinse them off and put them back on without doing anything to stay afloat.  I simply floated.   This year, when I tried to do that, I found myself sucking in water as I sunk!  I had to frantically begin working at treading water (like Aaron and Adam do) to stay up.  I still float pretty naturally, just not when trying to get things done in the water, like this.   Coach says this is because muscle sinks and fat floats and I am losing fat and gaining muscle.  Holla!!!!
  2. Last year, I couldn’t stand and ride my bike.  I thought it was just because I sucked as a biker. This year, I was out with Coach for a bike ride and I stood up to ride and discovered I wasn’t wobbly or unstable at all.  In fact, I could ride like that for as long as my legs and lungs would allow…which wasn;t long, but still.  Coach says this is because of an increase in upper body and core strength.  When standing up to ride your center of gravity shifts and it requires your arms to really stabilize the bike and your core to keep you balanced.
  3. My calves continue to be monsters of strength, however, they are quickly being joined by thighs of steel.  I now notice muscles in all parts of my legs.
  4. In addition to my legs, I also can tell there is some muscles in my arms.  You can’t see them yet, but I can feel them.
  5. G.I Jess has to change things up, because when I first started with her, I couldn’t move for 2 days after seeing her.  Now I see her 3x a week and am fine.  I casually told her this, thinking it was a sign of getting stronger.  While it is, it is also a sign to her to step things up.  So I guess it is a good thing I told her???
  6. I put on last years bathing suits and cannot even THINK about wearing them in public.  They are so freaking big on me, if I tried to swim in them, the girls would keep falling out, I am sure of it.  Had to order a new suit, so I can participate in my tri’s this summer…of which there are 3 now!

See Kim, the scale is not the only measurement of changes happening…

I know…I know…


6 thoughts on “Changes I DO Notice

  1. Woo hoo! THIS is the stuff that matters. And you have to KNOW that as this continues, the scale WILL catch up. I’m so excited for you!

    (Sharing my own NSV, when I went in for a massage a couple weeks ago, my practitioner commented about how much leg muscle I have. Woot for running!)

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