No.  That is not my Zip Code, although it may be someone’s zip code somewhere.

That is the number of calories my Polar tells me I have burned in the previous 12 weeks.

This includes 1 week off when I was at that SALTS conference.

This also excludes the few workouts I have had with G.I Jess where I have forgotten to hit the start button on my HRM.

What this means is that on average, I have burned  4096 calories per week over 12 weeks.  If I make it an 11 week average the number is even higher.

Impressive, right?

I was kinda impressed, even knowing that the HRM is not 100% accurate.  Even if it is off by a whopping 25%, it is still a high number.

All this to say…

That blasted scale better move downward next week….or else.

Or else what?

I don’t know.  I told Jess I was gonna quit if it didn’t move, but I can no more do that, than cut off my arm.  So I won’t quit…but it might make for one ugly day, that is for sure.

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