Random Funny Story

For the last several weeks, it is unheard of for me to be home right after work.  In fact I often don’t get home until 9 PM because by the time I get out of work, do whatever workout/training I am going to do, run some errands or stop to see people…it is simply that late.

Tonight though, I left work and came right home so I could relax for a few then change and bike over to the pool, swim then go for a training ride in preparation for the triathlon coming up. So I am in my room, gathering things together when I hear my family come home. I hear talking and whatnot as the rustle around in the kitchen.  Suddenly mom scuttles past my room with a plate in her hand.  SHe quickly says, “you don’t want to know what we are having for dinner.”

What?  Huh?  I don’t get what she is talking about….

Then…I smelled it.

The undeniable, the unmistakable, one-of-a-kind smell of ….oh yes folks…my worst temptation.  THe one I would fail at if I were at the Biggest Loser Ranch and they placed it in front of me…you guessed it.  KFC.

Seriously.   I shook my head.  Texted my SOS…and RAN out the door as quick as I could after changing into my swim suit and riding clothes.   As I left I shouted back that they better have it ALL GONE by the time I got back.

I swam.  I biked.  I burned 800 calories.  I came home and immediately went to work cooking amongst the boxes of stuff that just got moved in.  My plan.  8 oz of fish.  6 oz sweet potato.  Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.

Oh but first I thought I should grab a protein shake since I was way behind calories for the day.  I went in search of my bottle that I mix my shakes in that I KNEW I left on the counter.

it was not on the counter.  I checked the fridge door because sometimes I fill it up and stick it there so I have good cold water ready to go.

I opened the fridge and saw a bucket of chicken and shut the door quickly.

Blasted KFC.  I will not eat you!!!!

I finally gave up looking and asked my mom if she saw my bottle.

Oh yes, I put it in the fridge for you.

Hmmmmm….deep breath..you can do this.

I opened the fridge and looked a little harder and you will never believe where I found it.  BEHIND the bucket of chicken. I actually had to pull the bucket out to get to it.

Seriously mom??  Really. Out of ALL the fridge space THAT was the only spot for it?

WE all got a good laugh about it.  Of course I was only laughing because after a good workout, I was not nearly as tempted as I was when I was still getting ready to go.


6 thoughts on “Random Funny Story

  1. Sometimes those closest to us are the most resistant to our changing and healing. It makes them grapple with their stuff.

    Great job resisting an unfair and humorless placement of your protein container.

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