River Bank Run Photos

Esquire and I before the race!

Trying to stay warm. Coach brought me the garbage bag. Who knew I would need a knew goal of being able to fit in one!

Coach trying to take a good shot as we head down the starting corral. Me, intent on fixing my earphone cord.

Tail Wagger's Parents! Oh how lovely that they drove an hour to cheer me on. Mr. Tail Wagger is a runner himself, although currently injured. Perhaps next year we will run together, and I. Will. Finish.

Cool shot of our feet.

Cold, Tired and Disappointed at the end with my "mom for the day!" Thanks Tail Wagger for loaning her to me!


3 thoughts on “River Bank Run Photos

  1. Wait a minute….. 8 miles is not a failure!! You may not have been the right physical and mental place for this run, but 8 miles is still tremendous! Can’t we focus on how much you have accomplished?

    • CLickmom….didn’t mean to imply that the 9.5 that I did complete in some shape or form was a failure or insignificant. However, the goal was not 9.5. The goal was 15.5…and THAT I did fail at…AND I learned alot about my body and running conditions and that listening to my body is the best thing to do…even if it leaves me disappointed or results in a DNF. It really is ok that I failed at this run. I am not so much discouraged by that as much as how difficult it was and where it leaves me now…which is searching for my love of running again…which I WILL find again…

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