Car Decorating

My co-workers are amazing!  On Wednesday night, before I left work they all secretly passed emails around conspiring to send me off with a grand message of love and support.  I had to leave the office at 4:30 to do a presentation with my boss for another member, my final work obligation before vacation begins.

At about 3 PM, my boss comes over to me and suggests I go load my car with the stuff I needed for the presentation.  I declined since I wasn’t done putting together the packets I needed and wanted in one of the bins. She looked at me and basically TOLD me, we were doing it now and could add the packets later and that she and Erin would help me.

OK.  Well, how does one argue with your boss when her tone says “this is the way it is going to be”.  So I agreed.  I grabbed my keys and headed to get some stuff but Cathy and Erin already had it in hand.  Not much for me to do but open the door and open my trunk.  Tim then came out to make sure us girls didn’t need a hand.

I walked, head down, watching my step in my heels to my car.  The last thing I need to do right before a race is to twist my ankle on our very uneven parking lot!   Just as I went to put the key in the lock I looked up and this is what I saw!

NO!! That is NOT a chocolate chip cookie on my trunk! Ok, maybe it is...

I love my co-workers.  They are amazingly supportive!  I was pretty overwhelmed.  Almost cried even!  Then I was sooo sad when I came out of my meeting that evening to find it sprinkling.  I had planned on waiting until I got home to take pictures on my real camera.  That was NOT gonna happen, so I whipped out my phone/camera and managed to get a couple before the rain turned it into a smudgy white mess.


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