First Giving

My friend Sara did a guest post a while back about her event that she is doing this coming Saturday, called Y Fly.

Sara is an amazing woman who is passionate about bringing hope and healing to those who have been victims of sexual assault/abuse.   Given my story, it is only fitting that I highlight her again as she prepares to SKY DIVE for a cause.

While I am off running 13.1, Sara will be suiting up with a parachute, getting into a plane, and falling 2 miles back to earth!  If that is not passion, I don’t know what is!

Whatever fear she has about this, I am certain does not come close to equaling the fear that women who have been sexually assaulted face every day of their lives.

I know that Sara works day in and day out to help bring healing to the souls of such women.  As for me, once this race is run, I am moving on to a leadership training called SALTS (Survivors of Abuse Leadership Training Seminar) so that I can learn how to create  a safe place for men and women to tell their stories of abuse.  I have learned in the past couple of years from my own journey that sharing it out loud for other ears to hear is more than half the journey towards healing.  And like Sara, I have a passion for other women to be healed!

So with that said, I know you are all cheering me on in my 13.1, but would you consider cheering Sara on in her quest too!  Pray for her as she prepares this week to jump and would you consider donating cash to the cause?  ANd even more than that, would you pray for all those that have been affected by sexual abuse/assault?

Check  out Sara’s webpage to learn how to donate.  You will see that yes she has met her personal goal…but we all know that organizations like these could use more funding, especially in today’s economy!

Also, check out this website for more info on Operation Free Fall!


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