Magnificent Failure

This past week has been absolutely gorgeous in Michigan.  On Wednesday, my normal “no workout” day, I was itching to be outside and even to run, but knew I shouldn’t.  Fortunately, there are no rules about me going for a lovely walk through the forest!  So that is what I did.  I put on my flip-flops, left my jeans on (couldn’t be tempted to run in this gear!) and headed over to the State Park!

It was LOVELY!  It seems that it has been such a long time since I have simply enjoyed the outdoors without the pressure of training on me.  I strolled along my favorite 1 mile loop and couldn’t believe how different things looked without all the snow on the ground.  The ground felt different with flip-flops on instead of my dorkomatics!  As I walked I thought about the last few months and realized I was having a really good mental day.  I felt strong and healthy.  I love that when I have down time on a beautiful day, I just want to be out in it doing something active…as I walked along, I came upon a newly placed bench by the pond and I walked up to it a simply stood on it.  Effortless to get up there…like if I had stepped up onto a normal stair.  I stood on that bench looking around me, thankful for my life and my body and my journey and I had this thought…

“I wonder when G.I Jess is gonna have me doing crazy things like handstand push ups…”

Well, sometimes I am not the smartest tool in the shed.  I pulled out my phone and texted her my wonderings.

Her response…Friday…it will be part of your assessment.

My response?

YES!!! I can do this!  CRAP!!  WHAT AM I THINKING!!!  WHO DO I THINK I AM!!??

So Friday came and it was time to do my 1 month assessment.   I had decided that I would not find out my numbers this month but rather she would send them to Coach and Aaron and then they could tell me if I would be happy or not.  Still no numbers for me, but I would know if they were really good based on their reaction…cuz I know them!

I do know that my weight has gone up by.2 lbs because I refused to be weighed at the end of the day.  Instead I weighed myself in the morning.  As she started taking the other measurements, she seemed excited.  But who knows, really.  Perhaps she was trying to be extra encouraging…I don’t know her well enough.  She did say that in one measurement it was the best progress she has ever seen in 1 month.  Hmmm

We finished those and she brought me over to a wall in the middle of the gym. Oh heck no!  I am NOT doing this attempt in front of this whole place!  So we went to the class room.  Set up some mats all around to minimize any injuries I might incur, pulled out the camera….and well…see for yourself!

The set up...plan is to walk up the wall backwards then do the pushup!

This is about as far up the wall I got!

and....that was the end of THAT version...ended well, me laughing...

Then I decided to try the other version where I flip-up onto my hands.  My back would (in theory) be against the wall.  I attempted this.  Jess tried to help by grabbing my legs to help propel me up there…but…Jess is strong, but she is little still and there is still a lot of me to hold…and well, gravity, physics…found me quickly falling onto my head so I twisted and avoided a closed head injury and dissolved in laughter.  Jess did too.  Then we  agreed.  I am not ready for this yet…maybe in two months.  I think I scared Jess…hehehe  (No pictures of this attempt were to be had…Jess was too busy trying to keep me from killing myself to take a picture)

Magnificent Failure?  Yep I went big, tried something really hard and failed…and that is ok.  Failure is an option!  Never attempting or not going again is not!

2 months from now will be better!

Oh…and Coach and Aaron’s reactions to my numbers?  They were favorable.  Ok they were more than favorable.  They were quite excited.  Coach cannot believe I have not noticed a difference in my clothes and cannot wait to send a response to Jess.  Hmmm open communication between G.I Jess and Coach…I might be in trouble!!

Now…off for a run..5.75 miles is planned for today and 8 tomorrow…I got this!

Nashville is coming!

8 thoughts on “Magnificent Failure

    • oh yes, I am being successful rightnow Steve…Just the handstand pushup was an epic failure…no regrets on it though…I love it that I even tried it!

  1. in this case, failure is good Jess! Failure is ok if I went big and risked it all…we will talk Friday….this is part of what I want to talk to you about!

    woot. woot.

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