Oh Henry…Blasted Olga!

I know, it seems I disappeared again…but I have just been busy!

So last Monday, a week ago, I went in to see G.I Jess for our workout.  We had decided that instead of one hour long session with her, I would have 2 30 minutes sessions with her each week.  This came about after re-evaluating my schedule and the fact that I got so run down/sick so quickly and oh so awfully.

G.I Jess does not use typical weight equipment.  Everytime I have seen her, we have been surrounded by machines of all sorts…but we don’t use them.  So I went in to see her and she tells me she wants to introduce me to her “baby”.  Her “baby” was a 25 lb bag that is kind of shaped like a banana but filled with sand.  I decided this object would be called “Henry”.  Henry was going to be swung between my legs as I did a squat then I needed to use the power from my stand back up and my hips to propel Henry back up to where my arms are straight out in front of me and Henry is right there with them.

I don’t recall what else we did that day.  All I know is that I stood there talking to Jess for a bit and then as I left, I realized my legs were REALLY shaky.

The next day, I could barely walk.  The day after…it was even worse!  Then on Friday, she brought Henry back to the gym with her…and his little brother Hank.  Hank I like.  Hank is 15 lbs and is a Kettle bell.  Hank is welcome at any workout…Henry…well….Henry is that kid in middle school that nobody wants to hang around…but if you gave him a chance, you might find out he is a really great guy with a lot to offer.   I am trying to give Henry a chance to prove himself to me.

Today, I met Olga and was warned/informed that Helga is coming.  I do not wish to meet Helga.  Olga was enough.

Olga is a 35 lb sack of sand, but instead of being tightly packed in and all compact, it is sitting in what reminds me if a military duffle bag.  Fitting for G.I Jess, I guess. The bag seems to have a bunch of smaller bags of sand in it.  When you try to lift it, it is like lifting dead weight.  I could only imagine what I was going to have to do with Olga.

Here is what the deal was.  I get into a regular push up position on my hands and toes and walk myself backwards.  Then I need to reach forward and drag Olga along.  Walk backward some more and drag Olga.  After doing this, I have to go over to a mat and do push ups.  From there, I move on to rapid bicep curls with a resistance band.  Then I start all over.  Now that I think about it, I think I am mixing some things up, but regardless of the order…it was all obnoxiously difficult.   Finally at the end I had to jump backwards, squat into a sitting position and drag Olga straight back with me.  All the way across the gym floor.

The good thing about G.I Jess…is she is much like Coach and Aaron…she believes I can do far more than I think I can and asks me to do it as though it is no big deal.  The downside about G.I Jess is that she, much like Coach and Aaron, believes I can do anything, and simply asks me to do it.

As for tomorrow…I hope I can run.  No other option but to do so…and on Friday…I meet up with Olga and G.I Jess again!

Good night!  I must sleep now!


9 thoughts on “Oh Henry…Blasted Olga!

  1. Kim, There is so much I don’t know about you anymore. IT seems like you found a new job from reading a few entries. I am so proud of you for continuing on your journey of weight loss. Why did you change websites? Be of encourage and of good cheer for He has overcome the world (and all its lust). Amen! Rooting for on the side lines!

    • Orville! all is true. I changed because I didn’t like how blogspot messed up my formatting whenever I posted pictures…

      Thanks Curt! I miss you guys!

  2. Your trainer sounds like she’s a kindred spirit to my old trainer! We rarely did regular weight machines – instead it was all kickboxing w/ the bag, kettle balls, swiss balls, bosu balls, sandbags, etc. It’s *amazing* how much adding weight to every day movements can improve your fitness and physique! I am going to steal your idea of naming the equipment!

  3. That sounds like tough workout Kim. I finally got back at it this week and if anyone asks me to play with anything like Henry or Olga I think I might sit down and cry 😉

  4. …right ON!! ❤ it! Helga's ready…i think she's getting a lil jealous ;-). O & by the way, Coach & Aaron will be on the top of my list come race day—lots of check-ins are coming!!

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