Worst Run Ever!

Well folks, you know I ended last week with some failed runs/missed runs and totally exhausted.  You know I ended the week trying to figure out what in the heck was going on with my body.

Well, I think I have figured at least a portion of it out.

On Sunday, I did a St. Paddy’s day race with a few friends, one of whom I must say had never run 5K before and she rocked it out in 45 minutes!  Go Leann!  I however, had the worst run of my life…I know, my run life is only 1 yr old and I am sure I will have worse ones later, but for now it counts.  For the first time I walked more than I ran in a race.  Actually, for the first time I walked at ALL in a race!

My hips ached, my shoulders ached.  Every step was a painful struggle and it took me almost an hour to complete.  Afterwards, we hung out downtown to watch the parade…in the rain.  I was cold and extremely hungry and given my previous concerns about calorie intake I was actually concerned about my hunger.  Unfortunately, I also did not want to eat parade food of hotdogs either!

As the day went on I became very cold and quite exhausted.  I attributed this to the need for food and dry clothes.  We finally got food, but that still did not help the exhaustion!  Poor Jen had some friends visiting from out of the country and I was sooo not a good hostess.

We finally headed back to Jen’s house and as we arrived I happened to comment how cold and yet hot I as.  Jen being a nurse thought that wasn’t good and insisted on taking my temperature.

Yes folks, I was sick.  In hindsight, it had probably been coming on for a few days.  My temp was 101.7.  Sigh.  No hot tub for me that night, said Jen (I talked her out of this banishment later!)

I ended up having to call in sick on Monday.  I had a fever all night long and once I called in, I slept straight through until 11:30 am.  At which point I needed food.   I headed for the kitchen where I would make a smoothie…but before I had a chance, the room started spinning and I ended up on the floor.  First time I ever, I actually passed out.  Jen saw it all happen, checked me out and sent me back to bed after feeding me animal crackers and juice.

I slept pretty much the rest of the day and night and went to work today.

I am feeling mostly better, despite an awful headache that won’t quit and my eyeballs hurt!

For now my workouts/running are on hold until at least Thursday.

Pictures will come soon…but not tonight…must sleep!


5 thoughts on “Worst Run Ever!

  1. Um, correction: not the “worst run ever”. Best run ever while having a raging fever and flu. I am just so grateful you did not go down on the streets of the D. Now that would’ve been “worst run ever”.

    • I stand corrected. It is amazing how perspective changes everything…before knowing I had teh flu…it was the worst ever….now…shoot if I can run 5k with the flu…Half marathon? Piece of cake!

      Thanks for picking me up off the floor Jen!

  2. Wow, I’m so glad you are okay! I think getting sick might be your body’s way of enforcing some rest! I hope you feel better soon and are back to running etc. before you know it.

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