G.I.Jess AKA The Trainer

Meet G.I Jess, my trainer.  She is tough.  She is pint sized.  She is NOTHING I expected a female trainer to be like (not that I know what ANY trainer is like), she kicks my butt, she is highly motivating and encouraging-even if she is blowing smoke up my butt half the time!

So last week, I had my first official training session with Jess.  It was a short one, only 25 minutes.  But in that 25 minutes she helped me burn 350 calories!  Then she told me that workout is now my WARM-UP for my next session, which would be an hour long!  Seriously!  Have it done before we start at 7:30, she says.

That was my first sign of trouble!

The next day, I could hardly get out of bed!

That was my next sign of trouble!

Needless to say, I was afraid for my session tonight that was going to be an hour-long!

I was right to be afraid.  This little woman is…fierce.

She had me squatting in all sorts of ways, sometimes with weights, sometimes with a ball on the wall.  She had me crunching and stepping,  lifting and mt. climbing.  I kept trying to remind her that I had an interval workout for the half-marathon on Tuesday and I NEED my legs.

Her response was always, “It will be good!” as she refused to make eye contact and grinned!

I am not sure her version of good is the same as mine!

When she wasn’t telling me things will be good, she was giving me some song and dance about all this being easy and I just need to think easy!

She even said, “if it’s easy up here (pointing to her head), it will be easy everywhere!”

At this point I told her I was not told I needed to wear boots to the gym to keep the BS off my feet!

I also think her watch is broke.  Her 30 seconds seem to last FOREVER.  I know for SURE her counting is off.

But despite all that, I like her.  I will likely “complain” about her, but know that I like her!  I do like the feeling of accomplishment when I finished.  Better than that though, was the post workout stretching where I just get to lay there and she does all the work for once!

She is giving me the name/number of a dietitian.  She gave me a really funny/concerned look when I told her I burned 1575 calories on Sunday and ate less than 2000.  With my increased running, my calorie burns just keep increasing but I don’t know what to do with my diet.  Eat more?

All things to work on and tweak as I go along.

For now…let’s hope I can get out of bed in the morning.

I also think that if she and Coach were to ever meet…I would REALLY be in trouble.  I can only imagine the tag-teaming that would be going on from West Michigan to the “east side”.  There would be no escape for me…especially if we tossed Adam into the mix!  I would just have to rely on the Aaron’s merciful, gracious, and compassionate side to get some relief…but seriously…with a team like this on my side…how can I fail?!


9 thoughts on “G.I.Jess

  1. Your trainer sounds exactly like my old trainer, who I LOVE and who BELIEVED in me and CHALLENGED me and is a large part of the reason I’m 50+ pounds lighter than I was when I started. It’s worth it, and the feeling you’ll have as you get better, stronger, and faster is PRICELESS! Enjoy it!

    • SRG….I kinda am….but SHHHHH I can’t let her know that….although…I did not do my run tonight….a combination of being wiped out, some family stuff going on and my toosh is a bit sore…I decided I would do my Tues run tomorrow night after the hard core class…for now though we will blame it all on her!

  2. Sounds great, Kim! One thing I know about trainers is they don’t count the same way we do or tell time the same way we do. 🙂

  3. OOOit OOOit This is incredible! As a trainer…you don’t get to hear or in this case read what your clients have to say about you…when you’re not around lol. What I love most about your blog (No not the army fatigue tank :-)), is your honesty! Our stories are very similar! I am both encouraged & even more inspired to go get this $$ (my way of saying results)!!

    (back to trainer mode) Sooo no Interval training today, huh? Oh yes, we’ll talk tomorrow 🙂

    • awww I thought the tank was the best part! i can’t wait to hear your story, if you are willing to share sometime as you kill me!

      i am running before and after your class tonight…assuming I get out of work on time…but not on that blasted machine!

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