2 PR’s Broken

I can hardly believe I am writing about PR’s.  I can hardly believe I am training for a half-marathon.  I was just telling Aaron on Sunday as we ran together that one year ago, I could barely hold onto 30 seconds on a treadmill running and now we were running from his house 4.40 miles to meet friends for games instead of driving there!  Crazy!  That is all I have to say about that!

With that said, another update from the last couple weeks.  2 weeks ago or so, I was in GR (again) and I met a friend at my old fave gym, DDH for a morning workout!  I knew my plan called for a 3-4 mile run.  Wendy told me that up until this point she had never run a full mile.  I told her, “anyone can run a mile at my pace!” (17 minute miles)  We started out and before we knew it, she had run her first mile in 17 minutes.  GO Wendy GO!!  She agreed to attempt a 2nd mile with me.   As we started out she said, I wonder if we can do this in 15 minutes this time.

Ummm seriously?  You want me to cut 2 minutes off my mile, just like that?

OK, well in case you missed this point, I am “slightly” competitive, even if just against myself.

I agreed to go for it, or die trying!

That was the hardest single mile ever!  As we came around the last lap, I realized if we really pushed it we would make it in 14 minutes.  So we pushed!  I ran my first ever 14 minute mile!  Then I stopped, got dizzy, almost passed out and had to sit down for a bit!

We ran another mile after that doing some intervals then called it quits for the day.

First PR (personal record) broken!

This past weekend, I was in GR(again) and had a 5K “race” on my run schedule.  There were not any races scheduled nor did I really feel like paying to run so I organized a mock race amongst some friends who are going to Nashville with me.

This was sooo much fun!  We ran, ran hard, then went and had a great breakfast!

On the way to the starting line (DDH) I was talking to Esquire.  He wanted to know what time I was hoping for.  I told him about the previous PR but knew I couldn’t sustain 14 min miles for 5K yet, so I was hoping for a 16 minute average pace.

As we started out, Esquire and Holly pretty much ran together and I ran with Matt who had never run a 5K before (he is not going to Nashville, just wanted to run with me)  As we ran, I did not know where the mile markers were to be able to gauge my pace as we went along.  All I know is that my HRM was going off the whole time because it wanted my HR to be lower, which I ignored.  My goal was not target HR today, it was a fast race pace!

As we neared the last .25 mile, Esquire came back and ran in with us.  He challenged us to all out sprint to the finish…I tried, I really did…but I could not keep up with those boys or sustain a sprint that long!

Even still, when we finally reached the end, and did some math, my average pace for the 5K was 15.29 minute miles.   WAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have cut almost 2 minutes off my 5K time!  AND if I think about it…it was probably closer to 15 minute miles because we had to stop for stoplights through out the run!  Nah….I will take it at 15.29!

Second PR broken!

So excited and sooo hungry!  We quickly left and went to breakfast at the best breakfast joint in town…Real Food Cafe!  Oh yeah…we voluntarily woke up on a Saturday and were running by 7:30 AM…That would be a 3rd PR right there!

Am I almost caught up on blog posts yet??


5 thoughts on “2 PR’s Broken

  1. Woohoo, congratulations on your PRs! It’s an amazing feeling to look back at “from whence you came” and see such concrete forward progress. Keep it up!!

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