Winter Wonderland Run

As I said in my previous post, the Super 5K was supposed to be a jump start back into training well and that it didn’t work.  When I run, I realize that most of the time I enjoy it, even though often it is really hard.   The problem is getting past the mental fears and the knowledge that it is cold and until I am about a mile in, I will remain cold.   I hate being cold!

This week I have decided that I would try running in the morning before work.  Just one day.  That is all I have to do is run before work, one day.  On Tuesday, I knew snow was coming.  A lot of it.  So I set my alarm for 5:30 AM with full intentions of heading out.  I woke up at 5 AM, without my alarm and realized I had inadvertently sabotaged my efforts by washing my running clothes but not drying them.

I knew then, that I didn’t REALLY want to run in the cold.  I tried convincing myself that I was excited to run outside in many different ways.  I wasn’t buying the lines I was giving myself.   Ultimately, I went to the full proof way I know of getting my A$$ moving on anything.  I told Coach and Aaron my commitment and that I didn’t want to do it.  HA!  Within about 30 seconds of the HELP text, I had a message back. “What time will you be running!?”

Yep, that’s those fella’s for ya!  They are ON IT!

I got out of work early which meant I could run on my favorite trails before dark.  Although it took 45 minutes longer to get home than usual due to weather!  It was beautiful out, so I grabbed my camera, layered up, put on my yak traks and headed over to the state park.

In case you are wondering, running in this mess is like running on a sandy beach.  Hard!!  It is hard to believe that 2 days earlier, I ran a 5 k, with no problems and on this day, I struggled to run/walk out a mere 2 miles.   While difficult, it certainly is beautiful!!

Thanks boys for stepping up!  Accountability works!  Which also means…Friday will be my ONE day this week to run before work, since I haven’t yet.  Who wants to call me at 5 AM?  hehhehe


2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Run

  1. It always seems easier to run in those beautiful places, doesn’t it?
    I really like running in the morning, because I like that “getting it over with” feeling. But, it’s not my ideal time to run, which took me a long time to figure out. So I do the same thing, and I only make myself do it sometimes. I like your plan!

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