Strange Kind Of Reward

This week has been busy.  I am working 6 days, which is highly unusual, but I said yes, because I could use the overtime.  I have been trying to go to bed earlier (before 11PM) this week with the intent being that I would run in the  morning.  You would think this would make my mornings easier.  Not so much.  It has been so incredibly hard to wake up, I haven’t run at all this week AND I have been yawning all day long everyday.  What the heck is up with that.

With that little tid bit said, I had been thinking about doing the Super 5K this Sunday for a while, but was thinking I should NOT spend the money to run right now.  However, I just found out that I got a $250 dollar bonus in my check for meeting my sales goals in December!  So I decided to reward myself and sign up for the Super 5K!

Ok, since when did signing up for running races become a reward?  A reward is a tasty donut or a piece of KFC or a delicious brownie or….right?

Not anymore!  This is another NON SCALE measurement of true lifestyle change happening here.

I may struggle.

I may whine.

I may fail at times.

The scale may not move for months on end.

But when it comes right down to it.

I am not the same.

I do not want the same things I once wanted.

I have a dream…

of being healthy and fit and active and full of life and spunk and vigor…I can sit still for only so long before I grow sick of my laziness.

Races as a reward? Oh yeah Baby!!

With that said…I needed some inspiration tonight AND I thought I might be able to sign up for the race at Running Fit.  So I stopped in at my friendly running store to see Linda and Lori.  I couldn’t sign up in-store, but I was able to visit with these lovely ladies.  Have I mentioned before how lovely these women are?  They are soo encouraging.  AND they are runners.  I like being around people who like to run, simply because they can.  I hung out in this store for over an hour, just chatting, watching them sell things to other people.  I left inspired!  Thank You Ladies…just being in your presence is inspiring and encouraging!

Oh, and I came right home and registered online.  I am now signed up for the Super 5K.  See you there Linda!


11 thoughts on “Strange Kind Of Reward

  1. Well that is just nothing short of phenomenal. I reward myself with manicures, dark chocolate, and wine. Never have I rewarded myself with a 5k. You continue to be my inspiration! Strong work!

    • HAHA me neither! I like the idea of manicures as a reward…..but have a hard time spending the money for something that lasts a week AND I can do myself, if I chose….

  2. I’m trying so hard to adopt that very same frame of mind. Also, I’d like to recognize stress and learn to go for a run to work it off. I’m inspired by your enthusiasm for the races. I can run that far, in my own slow way, but have no interest in doing it with a crowd! I’m sitting here in frigid New Jersey anxiously waiting for spring to come so I can run outside and not kill my knees.

  3. Hey Kim! It is Melissa from the credit union! I lost your card at first and tried every version of your website I could remember. haha. Finally found the card and it was the 2 that I was missing! 🙂

    This is great and very inspiring! I will keep coming back for sure!

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