Perfect 10 Update #5

  • 1800 calories a day (unless my Dr. changes this for me in February) SUCCESS-I think I did ok on the weekend but don’t have any proof for ya!
  • Exercise daily, yes 7 days a week.  2 days can be really light, like an easy walk.  The focus for this next 10 weeks is the half marathon training. FAIL
  • Burn 600 calories a day from exercise, based on the HRM readouts FAIL
  • Drink 150 oz of water a day-might have to build my bladder back up to this one FAIL
  • Acknowledge God and His place in my life in some deliberate fashion daily.  i.e pray, praise, worship, testify! Mostly not successful, but not sure I would call it a FAIL.
  • Log my calories daily SUCCESS…except for the weekend…it got away from me.

No excuses.  I seemed to lack motivation this week.  Not motivation to try, but motivation to fight through the obstacles and challenges that presented themselves.  For example, up until this past week, (the prior 3 weeks) I was in training or working a different aspect of my job that entails me sitting in an office instead of in a teller station (work in a credit union).  It is FAR easier to fit in snacks  and my water/additional bathroom breaks, in that setting than it is on the teller line where we have one member after another, literally all day long.   Not impossible, but I am seeing it will take a more concerted and conscious effort so that I am not trying to cram in 96 oz of water between 7 and 11 PM.  As for exercise and calorie burn…I just need to MOVE MY BUTT!!!


2 thoughts on “Perfect 10 Update #5

  1. Our jobs sure can create problems in sticking with our goals, especially things like drinking water when we are so busy we can’t think straight. Maybe if you made a game out of it, it might help. For example, any time you don’t have a customer for more than a minute or so, take a drink – then hope you don’t have a slow day. 🙂

    I hope this is a better week for you Kim.

    • HAHA some days going without a member for a minute means catch up time! I do drink as often as I can, the problem is more being able to take the bathroom breaks that come with drinking 96 oz before 5 or 6 pm…:-)

      While I am grateful for a job, it sure does get in my way!

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