Perfect 10 Update #4

  • 1800 calories a day (unless my Dr. changes this for me in February) This continues to be a challenge.  I suppose there could be worse challenges in life than to NOT be able to get in 1800 calories a day, but this is stressing me out.  Last night I decided to change up my standard lunch of homemade stir fry (300 cals) and go for a tuna fish sandwich.  After making it all up and calculating calories I realized that this was going to be only 185 calories.  I was pissed, to say the least.  So, I made two.  However at lunch today, I couldn’t eat both!  I cannot eat like I used to.  I can’t pack it in!  Not a bad problem, just frustrating when I am making healthy choices…too well.  By the time I got home today and after eating the second sandwich on my way home, I still had over 800 calories left for dinner.  Ate mom’s spaghetti, that will cover it…I know I sound whiny.  Sorry about that.
  • Exercise daily, yes 7 days a week. 2 days can be really light, like an easy walk. The focus for this next 10 weeks is the half marathon training. Not at all.  My cold that I thought I kicked came back in force and has been wiping me out daily.  Not to mention my “Crazy Kate” style sleeplessness seems to have returned this past week so I have not been sleeping well/much either.  I have been having to force the light/computer off even if I simply lay there.
  • Burn 600 calories a day from exercise, based on the HRM readouts Ahem….read above
  • Drink 150 oz of water a day-might have to build my bladder back up to this one Still doing relatively well with this one.  Most days I have hit this, but if I came short it was only by about 20 oz or so.
  • Acknowledge God and His place in my life in some deliberate fashion daily. i.e pray, praise, worship, testify! If battling the slimy one counts, then yes…every day!  He has been relentless this week!
  • Log my calories daily Got this one down.

Now something you don’t know about me.   I sing in my car…but not the normal way.  I have toy echo microphones in my car and as I drive down the road, particularly on road trips I use them to belt out tunes in my awful off key way that only I can ever truly enjoy!  I have to keep multiple mic’s in my car in case a passenger would like to sing with me…or in case my brother steals mine because his broke!


10 thoughts on “Perfect 10 Update #4

  1. That Microphone story is cute! I can only imagine.
    I’m feeling you on the exercise thing. I think I may have pulled my hamstring. Don’t get TOO frustrated about the calories. Just keep plugging away. You’re doing great on making healthy choices the majority of the time!

  2. I had those toy microphones in my car forever! We loved them until they all disappeared one by one as the kids exited. Keep up the good work, being conscious of what you are eating and doing is key!

  3. I keep forgetting (in my other comments) to give you some suggestions for getting those calories in in a healthy way! Try these:

    *Almonds or other nuts
    *Olive oil
    *full fat cheese or yogurt (sparingly, obviously!)
    *drink a glass of milk with each meal

    Hope these ideas help!

    • Is there another kind of cheese besides full fat? HA! Ironically it jsut dawned on me to bring milk to work to drink or to drink a glass in the morning! Does guacamole count for teh avacodo…except thta required chips!! haha Good thoughts…thanks for the suggestions…I won’t give up, that is for sure.

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