Left Tackles

First,  if you have not seen the movie Blindside, I highly recommend it.  In fact, I may go see it again this week sometime.

If you have read for no more than a week here, then you know that I have recently recognized that the slimy one has been sneak attacking me…and I didn’t even recognize it. AND you know that I have called him out on it, to fight me head on.

So far, I am winning.  He has tried to knock me down, has gotten in a few good punches that stung, this week,but nothing that has taken me out.  In talking with some other friends, I have also begun to realize that he is messing with others too, and they are not catching it either.

He is a sneaky one.  He doesn’t jsut came at us head on and fight “like a man”.  He can’t.  He will lose every time.  For this reason alone, it is important to have a left tackle in your life. (Adam, you are gonna be proud of me for this bit o’ knowledge!)

In football, the left tackle has one job to do.  Protect the quarterback on his blindside from the hits he can’t see coming.   If he does his job well, combined with all the other protective lineman (don’t know what they are called) the quarterback should be able to get the ball where he needs it to go and ideally that team will score.  The team that does this the best will win the game.

So what does this have to do with my journey and weight loss?  Well, I have been clear for a long time that I cannot do this alone and you all know I have people around me that support me and love me well through all of this.  Now that I am fully engaging the slimy one and no longer living in denial of his sneaky ways, it is more important than ever for me to trust my left tackles to see what I can’t see and to listen to them well. The slimy one is slimy for a reason.  He does not fight fair.  He does not use standard “rules of engagement”.  He will do whatever it takes to take me out, to stall me, to make me believe that I cannot do this or that I don’t deserve to live to the fullness that God created me to live.

Not buying those lies…and when I start to, I have my left tackles in place.  Do you have yours in place?  If not, I highly suggest you find some people who are willing to speak hard truth to you, (even willing to risk your friendship for the truth), and willing to pray…

I would NOT have called the slimy one out if I did not have the likes of Coach and Aaron and others (on the human side) and of course God in my corner.  I am not stupid after all….


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