Calorie Crisis

This past week we had a retirement banquet dinner to go to for a co-worker who was retiring at the age of 73 and after 28 years with the organization.  (This woman doesn’t look a day over 55, I swear!)

Anyway, halfway through the day, my manager sent out the menu for the evening as an FYI for us all. Here were my choices with the calorie king calorie estimates  I got for them.

  • Chicken Parmigiano (769 for half a breast)
  • lasagna (407 for a 4 1/2 in x 3 1/2 in. pice)
  • fried chicken tenders- didn’t bother checking, fried foods are a pitfall of mine, cannot go there at all!
  • fried fish and chips
  • baked ziti – (800)
  • fettucine alfredo (1169)

Umm yeah, so do you all see the crisis I was in?

There was no salad option or baked chicken option or anything.  I quickly ran through my options.  If worse came to worse, lasagna was the best choice calorie wise, however it still seemed obnoxiously expensive to me, considering I don’t LOVE a lot of tomato based things.

I wanted to stay within my calories.  I wanted to make the best possible choice.  In the past I would have simply decided those are my only options.  Yet, I thought it odd that there was no “lighter” option.  I decided to ask the person coordinating this thing what the possibilities were for getting an alterna-meal.  I didn’t want to make it a big deal and I didn’t want to be a pain and yet I wanted to at least feel like I was doing the best I could to choose ME in this situation and that I exhausted all possibilities.

My manager told me to email her with a choice that would be acceptable to me and she would check for me. GREAT!!

My other alterna-plan was to go to Subway on my way to the dinner then just have some of the dinner salad they had there.

However, my manager never got back to me.  So I went to this thing not knowing what my options were and still knowing I had about 1100 calories left for the day.  So no matter what, I could make choices to fit that.

In the end, I ended up with lasagna for approx 500, some dinner salad for about 200, some bread for about 200 and a few bites of cake for about 200 or so.

I stayed within calories, but man was dinner an expensive meal calorie wise.  But I was glad to have averted the crisis by making the absolute best decision possible AND by doing some research ahead of time.

What I learned.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, if for no other reason than to open up the HINT of possibilities so that I don’t go into something feeling backed into a corner.  I went in with a clear head and full knowledge of at least the best calorie estimates I could get.  My ultimate vision was kept in the forefront so that I could not be distracted by something else…and…I knew that I knew that if I needed to…Aaron was a text message away…if I really really got tempted to throw the plan out the window for the evening.  Not to mention, as soon as I got the menu and saw the calories…I emailed it all to him.  I kept everything in the light!

Calorie Crisis…averted!

Trickery attempt by the forces of evil…thwarted!

Calories for that day 1800!


10 thoughts on “Calorie Crisis

  1. Kim, great job managing a sticky situation with the calories! I would’ve done as you did – ask for a healthier option and, as a backup, eating something beforehand and just nibble at the event. I front-load my calories throughout the day, so figuring out how to have 1,100 left by dinner would be a challenge! Hey, another thought – when you have events like this, or just once a week, have you thought about building in a 500 calorie “cushion” you can choose to use up to once per week/two weeks/month?

    • Thank You! I ended up not doing the Subway thing,simply because I did not know the outcome of my inquiry. As for calories at the end of the day…I have actually been struggling to get all my calories in each day. I work in a banking situation where eating throughout the day is not going to be able to happen. Eating through out the day helps me get my calories in, in appropriate amounts. I quite often leave work and have about 1000 left at least and have to try to figure out how to spread them out so I dont eat 1000 at once.

      I have not thought about a cushion for such an occasion. Typically dont need one AND who ever plans an event and doesn’t have a lighter option available??? Oh yeah, the same people who bring donuts every week to our meetings…that none of us eat because we are all watching things….hehehe

      I look at my calories like Sean from Daily Diary of a Winning Loser. Like a bank account. When it is gone, it is gone! (except for last night where I ate choco covered strawberries with my girl friends even though I knew it would put me over!)

      • We have the same situation at my “day job!” Every Friday is “donut day” (thank God I don’t like donuts). But you know what, we’re all trying to eat healthier, so the donuts sit there and half of them end up being thrown in the garbage at the end of the day. But when I suggested that perhaps we need not have donut day, and that perhaps we could STOP BUYING FREAKING CANDY!!! everyone reacted like I suggested we kick puppies or something. *sigh*

        • this week, I told my bosses that I would be in charge of the Wed treat…and brought breakfast quiche in…it was gone soo quick!! Especially when they found out it was crustless and was a Curves recipe aka low calorie….;-)

    • The “slimy one” was trying to get at me, I am sure…but he can’t have me….truth be told….I was texting/emailing Aaron a bit…:-)

  2. Wow. I’ve got to say I loved this post and how you handled the situation. Wow i never realized how many carbs could be in chicken parm and I was eating the thing twice a week with fries when I was pregnant. Sheesh. Really enjoying your blog.

    • thanks Cyril, welcome to my blog!! I can’t believe I missed this comment and never commented back!! If I had not looked things up, I would have thought the chicken parm would have been the best option.

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