Perfect 10-Update 2

Wow, it is time for an update on this already.

  • 1800 calories a day (unless my Dr. changes this for me in February) Hmmm, well for the most part I did well.  Sunday I did not track at all.  In fact as far as calorie intake went it was probably quite dreadful.  We had a gathering at my aunt’s house that included her famous Christmas cookies.  She always brings them to our family Christmas, but because we didn’t have that big gathering yet this year, well, we didn’t get them.  I can finally say, Christmas has come and gone.  The rest of this week, I have been right on track for the most part, if not a little under each day.  but not too bad.
  • Exercise daily, yes 7 days a week.  2 days can be really light, like an easy walk.  The focus for this next 10 weeks is the half marathon training. This did not happen due to my cold.  I did try.  But when I did, I would dissolve in fits of horrific coughing that resulted in other gym goers giving me evil looks until I disinfected my machine and left.
  • Burn 600 calories a day from exercise, based on the HRM readouts See above.
  • Drink 150 oz of water a day-might have to build my bladder back up to this one This I did most days.  If I didn’t hit 150, I came pretty close.  The last 2 days I think I fell a little short, mainly because I went to bed really early.  Like RIGHT after I ate dinner!
  • Acknowledge God and His place in my life in some deliberate fashion daily.  i.e pray, praise, worship, testify! This has been cool because every morning, on my way in to work, there has been beautiful sunrises.  It has been awesome to start my day just grateful as I felt like God was painting a picture in the skies for me to see!
  • Log my calories daily Done,no problems here, except Sunday.

I had some other thoughts, but cannot think of them right now, so they will have to have their own blog post when they come back around to my head.

I hope you are all doing well on your Perfect 10!

Oh yeah….lost 3.2 this week!

See, I knew I was forgetting something!  Thanks Steve for the reminder to share something knew about myself!  I love to sing, but I am awful at it.  Ok, not all the time awful.  I can carry a tune in church, because there are others around me keeping me in tune.  Get me playing karaoke or Rock Band and it is torture for those around or just plain hilarious!  So to feed my love I sing in the car.  With echo mic’s.  Yes, I carry two echo mic’s in my car at all times to sing with as I drive around.  The second one is for passengers to join in if they want.  Try it!  It is hilarious to sing at people as you drive down the highway and have them totally slow down because they cannot believe their eyes!  Yes, it is going to be a fun road trip to TN in April.  WHo wants in my car?  hehee


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