The Run Is Yours, Embrace Each Step

Now for a most special gift!  Yesterday, when I went in to the running store to pick up the Yak Traks, I ran into 2 ladies I have not really seen since the Turkey Trot and my running class ended.  These two ladies, Linda and Lori are always most encouraging.  Lori, especially was so evidently excited to see me and to see if I was still running, I thought she was going to jump out of her skin when I told her I was doing a Half!

Yesterday Lori told me she had a shirt for me.  Now I know from previous visits that Lori designs cool milestone jewelry for runners, as well as she is getting into t-shirt design. (oh how I wish I had a website to show her off right now!)  I was surprised and baffled.  Really?  You want to give me a shirt?  Why?

Her response was this.

“Because you are just sooo cool!”

HA!  We have spent time while I was in the store during the running class talking about the perils of boobs while running and other such funny stories that I have of being 300 lbs and exercising so of course I immediately thought of those times.  We laughed good and long as we shared stories back in November!

In truth though, she said she wanted to give me a shirt because I inspire her.  Whoa.

I know, I have been told before the impact I make and how I have inspired my readers here.  My friends and family have told me how I inspire them, but I think on some level I have dismissed this a bit as things that friends and family are supposed to say.  Please forgive me for that.  I am only now realizing it(again).  And as far as you here in blogland, well, we are all on the same journey, so I “get” that kind of inspiration.

But these ladies are runners.  Real runners. No they are not track stars.  They are normal women.  Healthy women, who to my knowledge have not struggled with the need for massive weight loss.  They are not perfectly shaped or sized.  By this I mean they  are not a perfect size 6.  If you saw them on the street, you wouldn’t think that they were runners and yet they have tackled the 26.2, several times.  Knowing that somehow I have inspired them was newly humbling and makes me want to work harder to live up to that.  Because in truth, THEY inspire me.

They have been most encouraging so I shared my blog with them.  Won’t they be surprised now to see they are being featured here! Welcome to my life ladies!

Oh yes, the shirt!  Here is a picture.

Lori, of Running Fit-Northville, designed this shirt!


6 thoughts on “The Run Is Yours, Embrace Each Step

  1. That’s so cool Kim! I love the shirt and would love to see her other designs. No website, huh?

    Milestone shirts – what a great idea!

    and in case I haven’t told you lately, you inspire me!!!

  2. You are a gem, and I’m so happy these two ladies have joined the many people already “in the know!” What a great story, I read it twice. 🙂

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