Bostwick Lake 2010

Well, it is official now.  I am officially the 4th paid participant in the Bostwick Lake Triathlon.  This will be my first triathlon without a relay team.  I will swim .43 miles, bike 14 miles (hilly), and then run 2.9 miles around the lake.

I am EXCITED!!! OMG I am really going to do this!  I can hardly believe I just signed up for this.  That I am at a point where I believe I can do all three by myself and that I WANT to do all three by myself.

I am TERRIFIED!!!  Crap!  What am I thinking?  I still weigh almost 300 lbs!  Perhaps I should get my head checked out?

I am filled with ANTICIPATION!!!  Oh man!  July 3th is sooo far away before I get to do this!

I am TERRIFIED!!!  Crap!  July 3rd is not that far away?  How am I ever going to prepare for a half marathon and make sure I can swim and bike the distances as well!  Besides that…what if my work makes me work that Saturday?  Didn’t think about checking with them before I signed up!  JESUS!!  I gotta leave that one to YOU!

Mostly though I am happy and confident (for now).  I can do this thang!

Just think.  Two years ago, I was not sure I could swim 500 meters in a tri…and that was all I had to do.

Last year, I thought I would die running 3.1 miles after swimming 500 meters, even with a break.  Now I have run 2 10K’s and I know with a little work, I can get my swimming endurance back in no time!  It is the bike I am worried about.  Like all the other things, I will likely get all nervous, freak out a bit (alot) Coach and Aaron will have to handle me and Jen will have to endure my chatty nerves and then it will all be over and I will write about how amazing I feel having completed it and I will quickly move on to bettering myself so I can beat my times in the Girls Best Friend.

Remind me of this when I freak out, ok?


8 thoughts on “Bostwick Lake 2010

    • CJ!! Looking forward to seeing you there! I have seen your sight! YOu acyually have a picture of me form last years tri. I swam it only and had teammates to do the other legs!

  1. I seen you at the race. You did great and you even looked like you were having fun. Good job and keep it up.

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