A Few New Things

I got a few new things for Christmas all for running!  My family is being supportive.  The bonus to this is I got exactly what I wanted.  The downside to this is I got exactly what I wanted.  No surprises on Christmas morning!  Oh well, I cannot have it all!  At least this year I didn’t get mom’s traditional Costco size box of slim jims like she got me last year!  Last year, I resisted them, this year I am not sure I would have!

Anyway what did I get?

Yak Traks!  You have heard of chains for your tires in winter (ok, those of you South of KY might not have heard of this), well these are chains for your feet for running in packed snow and ice, which can get dangerously slick!  I was so excited to have them, I actually prayed for snow.  I know fellow Michiganders.  The snow is my fault!  Sorry, but can you blame a girl for wanting to use her new toys?  However, my family bought the wrong size!  They bought a small.  Size 11 running shoes on a woman are not small by any measure.  However, in Yak Trak world a size 10 is, and that is the size I wear in everything BUT my running shoes.  How would my non-running family know this.  They get slack!  ANyway, I digress.  I couldn’t use them right away because the store was out of the mediums and I had to wait for a new shipment.

I got them now, picked up the new ones yesterday and ran in them today.  I love the traction, however, I felt like I was running with things stuck under my feet (which I was of course).  Not the most comfortable, but I suppose Iw ill get used to it.

Then I got a Polar f6 Heart Rate Monitor that counts my calories burned.  So helpful!  I know that tonight’s 2 mile run burned 439 calories.  Now to burn another 200 from exercise for the day and I can say I met one of my Perfect 10 goals for the day.  Perhaps I will go do some Wii Boxing in a bit!

I also got some running gloves!  I am getting all decked out!

This is fun!!


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