Perfect 10 – Update 1

After one day on this 10 week mini plan, I am learning to embrace failure (again) and to see that it is not going to be perfect (again).

Normally, I will not be posting daily updates,but per the rules of the challenge, this is how this first one will be.

  • 1800 calories a day (unless my Dr. changes this for me in February) I am at 1750 for the day
  • Exercise daily, yes 7 days a week.  2 days can be really light, like an easy walk.  The focus for this next 10 weeks is the half marathon training. None today, had a bunch of errands to do after work and did not get home until almost 9PM
  • Burn 600 calories a day from exercise, based on the HRM readouts See above
  • Drink 150 oz of water a day-might have to build my bladder back up to this one Holy Pete’s…as of right now I am on about 80 oz and I don’t think my bladder can handle any more!  I am definitely going to have to build up to this one AND figure out what this will look like at work.  Today, I raced off the teller line 3 times with a long line of members glaring at me so I could PEE!
  • Acknowledge God and His place in my life in some deliberate fashion daily.  i.e pray, praise, worship, testify! Not a problem!
  • Log my calories daily They are logged, on paper and in a nice neat journal!  No sticky notes today!

Hmmm…now for something blogger world most likely wouldn’t already know about me.  When I laugh, like really really laugh hard, I am very silent and I stop breathing and turn dangerous shades of red.  It is true, ask anyone who has seen me laugh really hard.


5 thoughts on “Perfect 10 – Update 1

  1. I *love* knowing that I’m not the only one who does the silent, red-faced belly laugh! Great job on setting your goals. I can’t wait until you reveal “the big plan” you’re working on!

  2. I had to giggle a little when I read about your laughing. My wife’s family (at least her Mom’s side) are all loud laughers. I can remember when we first started going out I would just hide if something funny happened. 🙂

    • embarrassed were ya? Fortunately my friends love me and my laughter and actually get me going and keep me going…it is all fun and games though until there is a puddle on the floor!

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