Half Marathon

Despite the ambivalence and lethargy I am feeling about the journey in general, there is something I am quite excited (aka scared as hell about!) that I have not written about yet, despite making the decision almost 3 weeks ago.

I am going to do a Half-Marathon on April 24th, assuming my vacation request gets approved anyway!

I know. I know!  I said after my first 5K that I had no desire to do longer distances, then I did a couple 10k’s and swore up and down, I would never do a half.  It is too long and I just don’t enjoy running that much!  Yet, here I am, declaring that a Half-Marathon (aka 13.1 miles) is in my very near future.  At the same time, I still hold fast to my claim that I will never do a full Marathon.  I don’t like running that much to torture myself that long!

So for those of you interested in running you might like to know that I have chosen the Country Music Marathon & Half in Nashville.  My cousin who chickened backed out of the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day invited me to come to his hometown and run this with him.  I hemmed and hawed, whined and complained, doubted and feared and ultimately said yes.  By the way, I am still hemming and hawing, whining and complaining, and doubting and fearing.  Not sure that will go away until I cross the finish line!

So, who is going with me?  So far I have wrangled my friend Ben in, Coach is considering, Adam said if he is back from UT he will come as a fan and eat his Chips Ahoy, there are a couple fellow bloggers that are considering (ahem SARAH for one).  So who else wants to run or come as a fan?

To help you in your decision I have a list of why you should/shouldn’t do it.

1.  It’s in Nashville!  In April!  Here in Michigan, the weather is iffy in April, in Nashville, I bet it will be perfect running weather!

2.  Pre-race massages for all runners.  I am sooo on top of that!

3.  I will be there.

4.  28 stages filled with 50 bands of live music to listen to and be entertained by the whole way!

5.  Free live music means tons of fans all along the course, which means you will NEVER run alone, no matter how far at the back you may I may be, there will always be some fan shouting encouragement.

6. Sports drinks and free GU given out for energy along the way.   All right GU is gross, but it works and if you don’t like them bring something else.  For now I like Shot Blocks.  It is like eating highly sugared gummy bears.

7.  Free post race concert for all runners with awards ceremony! (Fans would pay $30 bucks for this)

8.  Cheer leading teams all along the course to pep us up a bit!

9.  It is not all country music being played for us.  Thank God I found that little tid bit, because that was going to be my one reason on the reasons NOT to do it list.  Guess I don’t need that list any more!

10. It is a Boston Qualifier (not that I care about that, but Ben might, and there might be others that might)

11. Medals.  Yep, all finishers get medals!

12.  I WILL BE THERE!  I might be last (again) but I will finish.

So there ya go.  12 reasons to meet me in Nashville in April.  2 are repeats, but I think I am worth repeating (HA!) and one is a possible reason to stay away (country music).  But still that leaves you with a lot of solid reasons to come!

Ok, now I best be done blogging, I got some training to do, some cookies to bake, bags to pack…I am off to the Toronto area for the New Year!


9 thoughts on “Half Marathon

  1. KIM!!!! Hooray for this, and I am replying to that email today. I’m going to be publishing an update on my blog that will explain how my family kidnapped me and made me do nonstop “family stuff” for over a week, including a family reunion. Haha, anyway I’m back home now (finally!!!!) so I’ll be around!

    And YES I am going to go ahead and start training for that half marathon so I can come run it with you!!!! Something to look forward too, hooray!!!

  2. I’m late, but good for you! I did the full in Nashville last year and it was a GREAT race. It was hotter than all heck that day, but I have nothing bad to say about the race. Good luck in your training!

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