Jingle All The Way!

Saturday morning I was scheduled for my 2nd 10K race.   Now I don’t know where all of you are from, but here in MI, the weather has not been oh so delightful.  Cold.  Bitter Cold.

All week-long I was nervous.  Not about the run.  I KNEW I could run 6.2.  I had already proven that part to myself.  However, I was incredibly nervous with how cold it was.    I had some tips on how to dress but had no practical knowledge/experience to know what would really work for me in frigid temps.  With that said, I spent the week whining on Facebook about how cold it was and finally on Saturday morning my friend Mitch had had enough and called me out.  I got verbally spanked by someone other than Coach or Aaron.  Yes, folks, I have others in my life besides them who are willing to get in my face with some truth when my butt needs it.  Mitch was talking all this stuff about “Do I really want it or just say I do?” and to stop being a Sissy!

Can you imagine???  Me.  A Sissy?  Oh Heck NO! I am HARDCORE!!  Coach says so!  Yeah, I was riled. Just a bit. And grateful.

The reality was this.  Nope I didn’t REALLY want that 10k bib number for my growing collection.  I didn’t want to run that day.  Didn’t want to cross that finish line.  Didn’t want to risk the vulnerability that MIGHT show up by running for the first time with my brother and letting him in a little bit to my life.  However, I did and DO want the growing sense of life that continues to grow as I challenge myself to do the very things I don’t want to do, am afraid to do, or don’t think I can do.  Somehow that thought was greater than all the things I didn’t want on Saturday morning and greater than the desire to stay in my warm bed under my heating blanket.

I got up.

I dressed in 3 layers of shirts and brought a 4th.  Wore 2 pairs of pants.  Gloves.  My headband thingy that covers my ears.  I borrowed a friends ski mask doohickey thingamajig.  I grabbed a water bottle, heated some oatmeal up and took them both to go.  (Yes I often eat oatmeal while driving)

I arrived before my brother and got my bib number, my bag o’goodies, and the little jingle bells we all wore on our shoes so we could “Jingle All the Way!” (yes the name of this race was called the Jingle Bell Run)  In fact, I took 2 bells per shoe…I wanted to make sure I was heard!

Billy arrived and got his stuff and much to my dismay he only took 1 bell total!  He is no fun!  Seriously!

Meanwhile, I heard the announcer say something about Detroit Pistons tickets.  I LOVE Deetroiitt Basskeettballllll, so of course I had to go see what it was that was said.  They were giving away tickets and much to my delight, I got the LAST pair of tickets.

OK. I can go home now. I got out of bed and got dressed to run and now I have tickets to see my boys play ball.

Oh wait, I still have to run…something about wanting something…oh yeah…that feeling.  While I have tickets and bells, I still haven’t found what I was looking for. (Que music now)

Billy, being older and wiser than I, begins stretching.   I stand and watch.  And tease him for being so old.

Now for those of you who don’t know me personally, I can talk.  ALOT.  However, when I run, I must have music and umm I cannot talk.  Really.  I am desperate for oxygen.  I don’t have enough for my muscles, my brain AND words too.   My brother however talks more than I.

He talked while he stretched.

He talked while we were waiting for the starting whistle.

I am nervous and just wanna be in my zone for a bit…but no…he wanted to talk.

I finally told him that my music was going on…he is welcome to talk, however, if he wants me to hear him, he has to be on my left and he cannot expect me to respond.

For the first 2.5 miles, he talked. I now know every honey-do project he has been working on this past week and all the detail of how it was done.   Truth be told, I don’t care.

Then he had to go to the bathroom.  So he finally agreed to run ahead to the turnaround spot (we do the same loop twice for the 10K) and go there.  Glory be to God!!  I had 3/4 of a mile of silence!  My own head space.

I wonder how long I can stretch this out?

Quickly, he rejoined me and he brought a friend.

At mile 2 we had seen an elf on a bike zoom past, quickly followed by the lead runner who was on mile 5.   Yes, the pace Elf who leads the winner in has a 2nd job to do.  Come in with the last runners.

That would be me.

So when Billy rejoined me, we were also joined by the elf on the bike who rode with us the next 3 miles.

I thought Billy was a talker.

Now I am running with an Elf on one side and my brother on the other and both of them are the biggest talkers I ever heard.

I now know about car racing, his triathlon adventures and Boston marathon adventures (both of which I was interested in, sort of)

It was a long 3.1 miles.

But besides the talkers, the run itself wasn’t so bad.  I was actually HOT.   I took my gloves off, flipped the face mask up over my head, and had left my 4th shirt in the car.  My fears were worse than reality.  Imagine that.

The only thing that remained cold for most of the run, was my feet.

I did walk a little bit from time to time…mainly up some long slow hills and at the end, when my feet started warming up I discovered I had done something to my ankle while they were frozen.

My finish time was 1:46:17

17 seconds slower than the Turkey Trot, however I walked for a total of a 1/4 mile and there were hills here. I did good.

At one point The Elf asked me what I was going to do this afternoon to celebrate.  My response was that I would sit down.  He seemed to think that strange until I pointed out to him quite matter of factly that in case he hadn’t noticed, I don’t look like a runner yet.  And that since I am new at this, a 10K for me is the equivalent of him doing a marathon.  In other words, I might be hurting later.

In reality, I was fine.  100 times better than after the Turkey Trot.  I went to the game, climbed up into the stands, no problem.  Except my ankle hurt.  I still had my bells on so I jingle jangled my way up.  In fact, with exception to the 2 bells my niece and nephew absconded with today at church, I still have my bells on!

Of course this time I started popping ibuprofen within an hour of race finish!

oh and that feeling?  I left with it.  I might do it again.  However for those of you wondering ( I have been asked) when I am doing a half-marathon…not until I can do a 10k in 65-70 minutes.


9 thoughts on “Jingle All The Way!

  1. Great job!

    Great story, too.

    And this is the first I remember hearing of you doing a half marathon. I believe before you were not interested?

    You continue to rock. 🙂

    • its gonna be a good long time…Y-Vonne. So yeah….still not interested. Cuz while I ahve SAID when I might consider a half….I would first have to work towards increasing my speed. Never said I was doing that!

  2. I check in here for inspiration. I’m still doing the couch to 5k program to work up to a 5k, but am also not entirely enthusiastic about running in the cold. I have no idea what to wear or where to get clothes in my size. I think we are about the same size, can you give me some suggestions? I ran this weekend when it was 22 degrees outside and like you my feet were the coldest part of me, followed closely by my outer thighs. I did wear gloves and a hood from my sweatshirt, but am thinking that there must be something made for runners in cold weather. Keep up the good work! I look forward to hearing about your accomplishments.

    • Hey Clickmom! Thanks for coming by….how did you ever find my little corner of the www?

      An excellent question….about running clothing that is. I think I shall blog about it tonight…just for you!

      • I’m pretty sure I found you on someone else’s blog as a follower. I’m kind of a big (literally) jock hoping to shed the big part of my identity. I’ve been looking for some bloggers with my same goals out there. Keep up the good work.

  3. Kim Wow what can I say. I hope to do what you are doing one day. You are a true inspiration. I miss talking with you. You are doing fantastic and it seems like you are really happy. Keep it going for all of us you inspire.

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