A Gain This Week, Here Is The Story!

To the readers of my dear friend Kim’s blog,

If any of you are wondering why Kim may have gained a bit back this week, I am most of the reason why.

My name is Alicia, or on her blog I am known as “tail wagger” or “originalicia“. I have been Kim’s friend for over 12 years and have been voraciously reading her blog posts about her weight loss and life adventures.

I recently returned from a 2 month adventure of my own. I took the opportunity to travel overseas to visit friends in 5 different European countries. I asked Kim if she would pick me up the airport and take me in while I recovered from jetlag. She happily agreed, not knowing what she was really getting into. (Insert slightly sinister laugh here.)

Here’s my confession: I like food a lot. Kim knows this, but forgot how often and how much I need to be fed. I am moderately hypoglycemic (my mother has a severe case), which means I really do have to eat about every 2 hours or I get quite cranky, start losing rational thought, and possibly get a splitting headache that will not go away until I go to bed that night. Imagine poor Kim’s shock and dismay when seemingly right after we ate a regular sized meal, I would announce, “I’m hungry!” She would look at me with wide open eyes and about faint – “But we just ate!”

Another downfall for Kim was “fika”. I learned of the fika way while in Sweden. There, just about everyone takes a fika, at least 2 or 3 times a day. Fika is a coffee break, but is much better than the 5-minute-run-into-Starbucks-for-nonfat-soy-decaf-vanilla-latte thing that we having going here in the States. In Sweden, you have your hot beverage of choice, some sort of (usually) delectable sugary treat, and sit back and relax and chat for at least 20 minutes. Pretty much all Swedish companies provide fika for their employees; otherwise they won’t have any employees.

Before you think I am truly the wicked food queen of the east (or west, since I live in CA), I do have one thing to say in my defense: I like to laugh and I like to make people laugh. Kim and I would laugh until she turned red and hyperventilated and until I cried and snorted. It was great. I told stories of my adventures overseas, with hand gestures and funny faces. We reminisced about our college days and how we would shout, “DEER!” at the deer on the side of the road in order to scare them away from the car. Oh, the times we had.

I can honestly say Kim is on the “road to beautiful”. I may have detoured her a bit while with her for 6 days, but I am pretty sure it was the scenic route.

A note from Kim!

Scenic indeed my dear tailwagger!  Thanks for a lovely post!

So I didn’t post about it yet, but I did gain a bit this week(unofficially of course since I never made it to the official weigh in!).  Truth be told, I expected it and was not crazy upset about it either.   My thoughts were this.  I used to eat like Alicia all the time but without her metabolism and whether I was hungry or not.  That is how I got to be where I am today.   This journey is about lifestyle change and while I did eat a bit more and I did enjoy a few extra treats or not so wise choices I was enjoying the life I had before me for that moment, knowing it was not forever.  Now if Alicia lived near me, I would need a battle plan, for sure.  But what is life if you don’t enjoy a break from the dieter’s life from time to time or you get so wigged out about calories in and out that you miss the people you are with completely!  That is sooo not what I am about.  I have been back on track this week and am expecting a loss this week for sure, especially with running another 10k this morning.  Stay tuned for that post!

Alicia!  Loved Loved Loved having you here and you can come back anytime.  Next time though, we are walking at least between eats!  Or walking from eat to eat.

I swear one day guys we had first breakfast and 2nd breakfast (think Hobbits), then fika, then dinner, then fika, then 2nd dinner, then fika again!


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